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1/8 Mad Max Jim Goose's MFP Police pursuit bike

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Hi folks, I am going to try and convert these three 1/8 bike kits into Jim Goose's MFP Police pursuit bike from Mad Max the original movie.


I will be taking the fairing from the Honda CB950 and grafting it to the top half of the Heller Endurance racer fairing. The Kawasaki 750 kit will be providing the fuel tank, side panels and front mudguard.


The seat unit will have to be modified to give a more accurate shape to the movie bike as well as the seat. I will have to make up the decals.


Should be a fun build, "See you on the road!”



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Hi all; thought I would tackle the bodywork first, as this bike replica will stand or fall on how close this looks to the movie bike.


The kit fairing off the Kawasaki had to have the twin headlamp fairing removed and replaced with the single headlamp from the CB750 Four kit, lots of JB weld epoxy was used numerous times to get a rough shape then sanded back.


The lower fairing had areas to be cut and reshaped to mimic the exhaust cut out sections. The seat unit was cut and filler was used with JB weld to get the shape looking more like the movie bike.


Overall, I am happy with how the bodywork is looking. Next will be to build up a rolling chassis and see how well everything is going to fit before the bodywork gets the final paintwork done.


Happy modelling.



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"Don't write off the Goose until you see the box going into the hole!" 


Good work so far - following with interest.

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On 08/08/2022 at 11:05, Zephyr said:

Great project, I'm along for the ride! Joke not entirely intended...

That's quite a collection of kits to start with too- I had no idea Heller did the Kawasaki 1000 GG.

They are expensive kits to get hold of today, I used the Z750 kit as a kit bash with a Heller Z1000A1/2 kit and made a 1976 Z900A4 out of them a few years back.

But I always wanted to build a 1/8 Jim Goose MFP bike, I bought the Honda kit last year off a seller in France, paid £70 for it.

I got the 1000gg kit from an Ebay seller in the UK, in Feb this year for £58.

I intend to use the CB950 kit in another future kit bash with another 1/8 Honda kit in my stash.

I am really enjoying this build, but it is a challenge and needs lots of patience and problem solving skills.

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Hi all. As you can see, I have been busy on this replica bike build.


I have built a couple of Kawasaki Z900 and Z1000 bikes in the past, so the engine and chassis went together fairly quickly. The CB950 kit provided the top fairing mounting bracket together with the inner dash panel and screen. Due to the tight fit of those parts, it was easier to leave the screen fitted and it will have to be masked up during the painting process.


The lower fairing is detachable by two tiny screws located on each side of the inner top fairing where it meets the lower section. I wanted to try and copy the cut down megaphone exhaust silencers on each side of the bike, the kit pipes were way too big, and lucky for me I have a set of CB750 silencers from a dismantled Airfix kit.


I cut about 10mm off the end of each pipe, once cleaned up and painted in Molotow chrome they should look the part. Also, I used the Airfix CB750 tyres, they had Goodyear lettering on them, and none of the other kits had anything on them.


The kit seat did not look brilliant, so I found a good replacement from a BMW R100RS. Once it had been cut down slightly it looked much nearer to the movie bike seat. Now that I know the bodywork fits, I can proceed with the paintwork, and...


Scratch build a police radio and make it fit into the top fairing.
Make brackets for the front indicators that sit under the fairing below the head lamp.
Tidy up and paint the exhaust in chrome paint.


Happy modelling!



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Hi fellow modellers, this is getting very close to the finish line. It's been a problem-solving build that's for sure, but great fun too.


The first problems to solve were finding convincing looking parts for scratch building the rear-view car style mirror pod that is bolted to the right lower fairing, as you can see from the pictures with the red dots, I used an intake trumpet that was an option for the carbs.


The loud speaker bolted to the left lower fairing was made from the chrome headlamp inserts for the unused twin headlamp fairing, with another intake trumpet cut down and glued on the back off the headlamp shell, and another cut down to form the cone inside the speaker.


I used the Honda indicator lenses covered in epoxy to make the blue and chrome police lights. The front mudguard from the Kawasaki twin headlamp kit was unpainted and the correct shape, so I sprayed Molotow chrome on it. The top fairing is now fitted, but is drooping down slightly; this will be corrected when the lower fairing is attached to it.


I hand painted the "K" letter on the side panels as well as the MFP on the fairing screen. I cut some MFP letters from carbon decal paper and those were added to the tail unit. The gold police badges came from a 1/24 Mad Max car kit and the Jim Goose logo was found on eBay, which I copied and sized to fit the fairing. The kit came with the 1000 numbers, but no "Z" letters, so I turned a letter "N" on its side to give me a passable "Z" letter.


Basically, all I have to do to finish the bike is to attach the lower fairing and add a bit of light weathering and tidy up some chrome and alloy parts, wish me luck.



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