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F-14A Late Tomcat Tamiya

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Hi Modellers


My F-14 Tamiya in 48 scale

Managed to squeeze an Eduard Cockpit fitted with Quintadecals into it. Eduards Cockpit is not meant to be built into a closed model, thats for sure.

Alpha probe and camera underneath the nose aftermarket, exhaust a mix from reskit and KA models.

Decals a mix of furball and modelkasten and homemade (because i f... up)

Paints Gunze, Tamiya and Oils from various art material suppliers.

Took me a looong time and since this wish started in 1995 i kept the Jolly Rogers theme. But in all grey as i am myself now.

Thanks for watching.


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The Cockpit

Quintas Kit is not a perfect match, but better than my hand painting any day ;)

Its far from being accurate, but i like the look in the finished model



just love the curves of that plane :)

here on its carrier...uss silicone










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You cannot post photos of real aircraft and then claim "This is my 1/48 scale blah, blah, with Gunze, Tamiya and oils and aftermarket blah."  It is a photo of a real Tomcat.  Admit it.  It is unethical to do so otherwise.  No amount of sorcery could produce a "model" like that.  

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Thank you all very much!

I`m really not good with patience or finesse with my fingers, but i can never ever give up and made almost everything at least twice to get this model done!

Thats the benefit of acrylic paints: some isopropyl alcohol and back to step one.

Except you take the wrong bottle filled with acetone, but thats another story... 


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Thanks again to all of you!


Don't know about the others, but I couldn't wait to start the painting process.
I like models a lot, but I find building them to be pure stress.
Have one more model i'm trying to get done (Spaceshuttle 1/72 with Homer's wonderful 3d parts from Shapeways) and then i will focus on sculpting again.

But i will always have a soft spot for models, thats for sure :)


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Can you put up some exterior pictures of your kit, there’s only the pictures of the real subject. 

Seriously though, that is top model making. Painting and weathering look spot on to me. 

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