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Good fun ain't it?

Here are a few other imponderables:

Why is abbreviation such a long word?

Why does monosyllabic have five syllables?

The word Verb is actually a Noun.

The word Re-entered has no fewer than four pronunciations of the letter e, including a silent one.


I have a spell cheque function,

It came with my pc.

It plainly marques for my revue,

Mistakes I cannot sea.

I strike a key and type a word,

And weight for it two say,

Weather I am wrong or write,

It shows me strait away.

As soon as a mistake is maid,

It nose before two long,

And I can put the error rite,

It's never, ever wrong.

I have run this poem threw it,

I am shore you're pleased to no,

It's letter perfect to the end,

My spell cheque told me sew.


For dozens more very clever uses of English words, check out a little book called Words Fail Me by Teresa Monachino.


have fun, enjoy, Regards,




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