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1/48 PLANAF Shenyang J-11B Flanker

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Hi all, finally finished the Hobbyboss J-11B. It's essentially their Su-27 kit with Chinese missiles and WS-10 engine nozzles, also has the modernised cockpit with MFDs. The kit was great, the fit was largely spot on. It's by far the largest kit I've built, dwarfing the JF-17 in the same scale.


A few minor annoyances which I covered in the WIP thread like the sprue connections (an issue I've also had with the trumpeter kits). Here's the WIP:



I built this in the PLA Naval Air Force scheme, Blue 24 based out of Hainan. This aircraft is notable for intercepting a US Navy P-8 Poseidon, with the US claiming the pilot performed a series of dangerous manoeuvres. The Chinese deny such allegations but clearly Hobbyboss didn't get the memo as the box art features the aircraft flying inverted above a P-8 😅.

It's is also the aircraft I use as my profile picture...

E546 (1)



I should mention the front canopy snapped during the build so there is a noticable crack, the two halves are just bluetacked in place until I find a long-term solution.




The usual place I use take photos was a little too small for the aircraft so I had to try something new for most of these. Anyway, here are the photos:

20220804_174704 20220804_174252





















Thanks for looking in!


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Thanks all, one word of warning for anyone thinking of building this kit or the Su-27, the landing gear aren't the strongest. The structure of the rear legs can bend quite easily but I'm fairly sure metal landing gear sets are available. Its also a borderline tail sitter so I'd recommend a little weight in the nose- the instructions don't warn you but its better safe than sorry.

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