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Hello plastic gang!

I was looking for something unusual to built, some unbeaten path, when I came upon this resin conversion set from Icaerodesign in Romania. The Romanian PZL 24 was different as the new engine and propeller made it a bit longer, the gear legs were lengthened, the propeller was a Szomansky wooden one, exhausts and carburator intake were different, no landing gear wheel fairings. All those differences have been very well apprehended by Icaerodesign and the construction is straighforward but needs attention. The decals are very good and some oramask pre cut masks for the wings and fuselage crosses are provided. I have used the Part Photo etch set for the PZL 24 to improve details.


So here are the pictures of PZL 24 E n° 24 in the Dark green and Dark Brown camo circa 42/43

52229223240_c5bcfcc549_5k.jpg7A3B5C28-D528-46F5-AADC-61D8BC87CEA7_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr

52227737682_ebcfe58df9_5k.jpg6DB26AEE-E788-4F78-9EF0-AA67B01BCB91_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr

52228748378_e99d511b37_5k.jpg9507BB62-8648-4782-B07F-E0363A1F0710_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr

52228741081_1cf849d956_5k.jpg4750D69E-D001-45CA-8B60-002A645426F9_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr

52228741041_997badb26d_4k.jpg170F1C09-F022-4DFF-A843-904683B6837F_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr

52229223045_ec027848b4_5k.jpg29C7B57E-553B-4459-977F-315A22929DC5_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr

52228748563_11b910cd4b_6k.jpg386D2AE7-F3D7-47EF-87AF-3433A4BB59B8 by jean Barby, sur Flickr

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Jean………you continue to impress with your latest work of art.  I need to stop by and see the museum in miniature in due time.  :like:



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