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M274 Mule with 106mm R.R. (Vietnam War) - finally completed

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Hello folks,


The Dragon Models made two versions of this kit, one with the cannon and one without. In my case, it's the Dragon kit code 3315 (Hue City 1968), "NAM" Series. The small vehicle itself has 39 and the cannon 15 pieces, respectively, plus a projectile (only one) and also has two figures, as shown in the illustration on the box. I will also use Eduard's PE and a metal gun barrel for this kit.








Well, while the photoetched helps a lot in the general look, I will work a little more in specific places. When I started assembling the kit I found many important omissions and minor errors. This was already expected, because the kit is very simple and does not present finer details. The engine is very poorly detailed, really bad, so I will put many other details on it. No battery, front and rear wheel axles and exhaust system pipes too :angry:.


Unfortunately Dragon didn't make the gears and cables for the accelerator, brake and clutch and, by the way, this last pedal was injected in the wrong place, along with the other two pedals :banghead:. At first, I decided to start by correcting these imperfections, so I will put the big axles of the gears and some cables under the vehicle. The throttle was positioned in the correct place and with some scratching I made the gears for the handbrake, footbrake and clutch on the side of the driver's footrest basket, plus their respective cables,


A lot of work ahead  :work:


In short, first I put the following cables and axes: 1. Gear transfer shift lever 2. Handbrake lever 3. Transmission shift lever 4. Throttle, brake and clutch 5. Hand accelerator Let's see:










More progress with detailing job;
















Here, the start of the vehicle painting work, with Tamiya acrylic paint XF-51 Khaki Drab:








The kit does not include an alternator on the engine. Here the engine with some added details and alternator (scratch build):







In this step I put the battery, its support and the cables, front and rear wheel axles and gears and exhaust system pipes:








Now, The little monster with its paws on the floor:








The driver's seat and two types of steering wheels, both used in real vehicle. The one on the right came from the spares box:






More photos of the assembly and as you can see, I applied dirt on the vehicle, put the projectile in its support, made its straps, put the driver's seat, two boxes (cigarette and beer), two small plates on the floor, the grille in the back and a small chain on the front. But I still need to do more weathering effects on some parts and add the pipe and the cover for the engine oil filler cap at the rear of the vehicle, among others.

















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  • Carius changed the title to M274 Mule with 106mm R.R. (Vietnam War)

You certainly like the more unusual subjects Cesar, and you've done a great job (in such a short time) on one so small. 0 - 60 in 3 seconds!



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  • Carius changed the title to M274 Mule with 106mm R.R. (Vietnam War) - finally completed
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