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Sea Vixen FAW.1 1/72


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After a prolonged WIP designing two of these from scratch on the forum and after requests from a number of members wishing to make copies themselves, I've decided to offer this aircraft for sale as a multimedia kit at 1/72 scale.

You can see the finished result here portrayed as XN708, which shows pretty much everything the kit would come with:








Parts will be printed in Elegoo grey resin and supplied on their printing supports (as shown here) in order to protect them from damage prior to use:














PE (this will be commercially manufactured to maintain quality control):


Brass arrestor hook, refuelling probe and jury struts:







What is not included in the kit:

  • decals*
  • pitot tubes (in my opinion these ones by Master look superior to anything I could produce without a lathe)
  • transparencies for observer's door and side window (Micro Krystal Klear or similar recommended for this


*for an additional charge I can cut you custom paint masks for the larger markings such as the roundels and
wing and boom lettering, however the small tail numbers and squadron badges you'll need to source/print


I can also provide  outline masks for the airbrake and boom/flap intersection should you wish to draw out your own panel lines on the underside as I
did on the above build.


Cost of kit: £93.00 STG. excl. P&P + import fees (where applicable).

Additional masks (if required):

Roundel, wing, boom and nose lettering/numbers (aircraft codes to be supplied by buyer): £13.00

Outline masks for airbrake and flap/boom intersection: £4.00


I would anticipate being in a position to begin manufacture of these kits by about October of 2022 as I'm going to get the PE produced commercially and am also waiting on another printer.


Due to the demands of my day job I'll be producing each kit on a bespoke basis and will therefore notify each person who has registered an interest when a kit is available for purchase. I can ship internationally and will let you know in advance the cost of various shipping options. Once payment is received the kit will then be sent out to you. 


Those forum members who have already PM'd me are already in the queue for a kit; anyone else who would like a copy can similarly PM me and I'll add you to the list.


Kind regards,









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Tony, good for you. I hope you are inundated with requests. The price looks good, and the kit is simply exquisite. Best wishes and good luck. Pete


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I really really want a 1/72 Sea Vixen FAW.1... but not in a position to spend so much on one at the moment. Student life... fun. Looks fantastic anyway and I hope I can get one at some point

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I wish you good luck with this enterprise Tony, the exquisite detail you have made possible deserves respect and a good take up.


A beautiful model made available for the rest of us, what's not to like?





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