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7-day challenge...1/72 Nakajima Ko-4 (Nieuport-Delage 29), Japanese Army, 1930-ish...(Azur-Fromm)

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 This is my 7-day challenge.


I'm feeling confident that I can build this with style and have it in the gallery by midnight, August 7.  That would be 10PM for you folks up north.  With the Osprey doing well (and some others waiting in the wings) I want to have at least two aircraft for this GB.  So here it is...


Pretty box art. Double bay biplane.  Rigging. Yes!  Double flying wires?  We'll see...




Profile.  I like the red tail.




What's in the box...one sprue of plastic; some resin; some PE; clear foil.




Decals look very nice and sharp.




I've already primed the plastic.  I'll tuck in later...



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51 minutes ago, Bodmin said:

Try not to rush.

I won't.  It's a pretty simple kit but requires a fair amount of cleaning up of the small parts.


Interior, which will not be seen once the fuselage is closed up.






And that's that...




I decided to clean up the wings and landing gear since there is a fair amount of sprue gate there.  And the mounting holes for the struts need to be widened just the teeniest of bits...I also added some plastic rod for a more secure fit on the fuselage for the lower wings and the stabilizers.






And after...




The struts and props will be natural wood so they get a base coating of a tan yellow...




Now...lots of little bits with plastic, resin and PE...I'll build all of these separately over the course of the next couple of days.













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wow that's some challenge you have set yourself!!!


She's a really detailed model as well, going by the instructions........plus I'm trying very hard to avoid any thought about that rigging...I'll have nightmares and I'm no even building it!!!


Good luck with it, hopefully the challenge will be a walk in the park.

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3 hours ago, trickyrich said:

.plus I'm trying very hard to avoid any thought about that rigging...I'll have nightmares and I'm no even building it!!!


Good luck with it, hopefully the challenge will be a walk in the park.

Thanks.  I think it'll be ok.  I just have to balance out my time today and do what I need to do 'off-bench' so I have time to fix up all the little resin/PE mini-builds.  Kits within kits...Rigging?  Time and patience, more of the latter.  And, I won't be using double lines.  I'll cheat.

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Tuesday morning, 07:06...I wrangled the very small resin and PE bits last night.


Guns and generator...the generator was three parts--resin prop, plastic housing and PE mounting bracket.  Devilish.  




The engine manifolds...




And the landing gear-mounted air intakes...




Rigging holes are drilled...




And I painted the struts and added the 'aluminum tape' wrapping...added some Clear Yellow to the prop...the stabilizers are on and will need a bit of fill on the seams.




More today I hope...









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8 hours ago, trickyrich said:

WOW, that's all I can say....... those bits a crazy small!!!  :yikes:

Yes....too small, imho.  But there they are.  


The instructions say that the aircraft was painted a Light Grey Green, or Green grey...or something.  I'll see if I have something applicable.  


I have attached the lower wings...began assembly of the undercarriage.  I think I'll a quick look at some of the gaps in the wing roots, etc....and go to paint.  If I can get the paint on tonight, let to dry, begin the strut bits as well...then rigging can begin tomorrow.  This is all hopeful planning.  I have about 72 hours...





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I mixed up a little IJN Grey with some white and a some Pale Green.  I think it looks alright.  Now I will go around and paint the small bits with a hairy brush, attach the completed resin pieces to the landing gear, etc...





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Little bits on board...generator on the landing gear struts...guns mounted...windscreen attached...rudder painted red...exposed engine areas painted...air scoops painted per the instructions...touched up some the grey parts...wheels masked...




It'll pass the 75cm test for sure, if not 50cm.  Tomorrow--struts.  Saturday--rigging and decals.  Crossed fingers everyone.  Plus I want to begin something Canadian this weekend as well as begin my F-15 and F-5.  





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What's say we strut about!  😆


I dislike the fact that the struts need to be repainted because of the sprue attachment points.  Anyway...minor issue.






Landing gear too...




Glue two points at a time and eventually everything is fixed...a little weight to help alleviate any 'sproing effect'...




And that's it for the moment.  I might scratch-build the cabane struts ( I often do in these cases).  






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I have attached the cabanes...no scratch building necessary.  Also the air scoop things on the sides.  I have touched up the 'wood' on the struts.  Basically this is all ready for rigging and markings.  Even though I drilled those rigging holes I might use stretched sprue, cut-to-fit.







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11 hours ago, John Masters said:

I dislike the fact that the struts need to be repainted because of the sprue attachment points.  

One of my pet hates as well.



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23 hours ago, Grandboof said:

Looks like the challenge will be met 

Ok...I think it'll be alright...


Let's stretch some sprue...and I realized I have no images of me actually strecthug sprue or painstakingly cutting/fitting each tiny pieces etc...But it's done.




I filled in the now unnecessary rigging holes...




Gave them a bit of paint...




And then decaled the machine before I added the four remains pieces of PE on the underside of the lower wing.  




The white background stripes on the rudder are white decal stock.




The decals are nice and thin and opaque.  Slid right off into place.


You can see the rigging here.




And here it is for the moment.  I'll let it sit for couple of hours to dry, then give it a bit of satin varnish, then the final PE.









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Well...I come into the clubhouse with hours to spare, really.  I am very pleased with this build and the process reminded me that although there are wonderful jet aircraft kits, and other classic monoplanes, my heart always has been, and always will be, with the biplane.  Such a satisfying melange of modelling skills and choices to make.  Plus, that 'between-the-wars' period is always a fascinating and seemingly never-ending source for assorted aircraft and livery.  


With the varnish dried, the control horns can now be added, and the propeller attached, thus completing the model.  Ooops! Some PPP on the nose needs a touch of paint...😆




A gave the control horns a bit of green paint after the CA had set.


And here it is...




...and in among some her inter-war sisters who also share obtuse plumage...




Many thanks for a fine GB my fellows!  See you soon!



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You did it and you did it in style with a gorgeous wee plane.


She looks amazing, bet you are very proud of her, I would be forsure!!! 


Thank you for joining in on the fun, it is alway a huge pleasure to have you and your lovely builds along.


She certainly fits in perfectly with the rest of you collection!!  :thumbsup:

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