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The Game O (16212) 1:16


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The Game O (16212)

1:16 ICM via Hannants Ltd




There’s a TV series out there called ‘The Squid Game’, and I’ll be honest and tell you that I’ve not seen it.  It’s a South Korean series consisting of 10 episodes that has become a blockbuster on Netflix, that’s insanely popular with Western audiences despite the language barrier, as most of us don’t speak Korean – thank goodness for dubs.  It’s about a TV game show that involves hundreds of impoverished players competing in childish games for a huge cash prize that is paid to the ultimate winner, totalling 45.6 billion ₩ (pronounced Won) (that’s £28,887,214.61 or $35,040,289.44 for the Brits and Americans at today’s exchange rates), but the caveat is that these games are deadly.  Yousa gonna die if you lose, Ani (do that part in a JarJar Binks voice).  Each episode is 55 minutes long, and I really must pick it up at some point so I at least know what all the fuss is about.


The contestants all wear a loose-fitting jumpsuit in a number of colours to hide their gender and identity, which is further hidden by the black full-face masks that they wear, giving the impression of an ant face, which was deliberate according to the IMDb trivia section.  On the ‘forehead’ of the mask is a simple white symbol in the shape of a circle, square, or triangle, the reason for which I don’t yet know, as it doesn’t seem to matter which colour jumpsuit they wear.  I’d make an awful cryptanalyst.  If you’re wondering why it’s called The Squid Game, it’s because the player board is in the shape of a squid roughly scratched in the ground.  So I’m told.


The Kit

This figure arrives in a small top-opening box with a captive inner lid on the tray, and inside are three sprues in grey styrene, and three in black styrene, a small decal sheet, and the glossy instruction sheet that is printed in colour.  The final item in the box is a glossy colour print of the box top art, which you can stick on your wall or not.  It’s a simple kit because it’s a figure dressed in a jumpsuit, but it is well sculpted and as detailed as we’ve come to expect from ICM.






Construction is carried out according to the same diagram as the painting guide, which uses the same drawings to give paint and part numbers for simplicity.  The figure is made up from thirteen parts in grey, with separate legs, arms, a two-part torso, two-part hood, a well-detailed head that is wearing a face mask, hands, separate cargo pockets with keyed attachment point, and a single black mask that fixes to the front of the head, which has the retaining strap moulded into it.  It was surprising to see a head included in the kit, as the black mask tends to obscure all the detail, but there it is, so if you wanted to adapt your figure to have the mask off, you can do so by removing the strap with a motor tool or old-fashioned sanding stick.




The base is moulded in black styrene, and has a choice of four different surfaces for the top and a flat base for the bottom.  The choices comprise a flat asphalt surface plus three styles of cobble or paving stones.



The decal sheet includes one O decal for the player’s forehead, and you are advised to paint the jumpsuit blood red, with rubber black (dark grey) and black for boots and other accessories.  You can change the colour of the suit to your whim if you know what you’re doing and have watched the series, and some simple masks or decal strip could be used to create the other shapes if you have a favourite.






A nice figure that hits near the height of popularity of the series, according to my 12-year-old son who gets bombarded by it at school.  You can use it as intended, or tinker with it to portray other players, or even go totally off-piste and use it in another situation.


Highly recommended.


Available in the UK from importers H G Hannants Ltd.



Review sample courtesy of



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On 7/29/2022 at 5:27 PM, Mike said:

The contestants all wear a loose-fitting jumpsuit in a number of colours to hide their gender and identity, which is further hidden by the black full-face masks that they wear

Isn't this a figure of the game staff, rather than the contestants? 





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