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Revell 1/144 Strike Eagle

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Lizard looks interesting. Funny when last I built an F15 the only scheme besides the rollout one was two tone grey and because I was a brush painter I never did justice to it so I’m tempted to go that way, assuming of course that’s appropriate for a strike eagle.  But we’ll see.

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My bad it’s actually this boxing. That decal sheet is too good to waste so we’ll be going oob. Might buy a second one to do something different… 




A bit of assembly, including lead shot in the nose section. It’s a very good little kit.

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5-AB702-F1-4-F5-A-4168-99-B8-284537866-CTanks, fins and intakes on, having to beat the wing joints into submission, hopefully primer tomorrow….


All things considered I might even get it finished next week.

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