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MISC Freelancer from Star Citizen (game), 1/200

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Calling this finished
A MISC Freelancer from the Star Citizen game.
The kit is by JRDF (JR Design & Fabrication), licenced from Roberts Space Industries.












A feature of these kits is that some components are swappable, allowing varied display options.
In this case, the landing gear and entry door (near front, port side).
I also left the rear ramp loose/poseable, along with the turret (top rear).

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Lovely job, and a nice place to try out those paints.


How did you find the kit generally? Are you thinking of doing another?


Mine is still languishing in the box of doom; there's still a lot of work to be done in the wrong direction before I can progress it again; and I'm still yet to get a good build of 'worn metal' as practice, so I suspect it'll be there for a while longer.


They were planning to release some nice stuff in the smaller scale (my eyes on a 1/500 MSR) but I think they've become somewhat sidetracked with other projects. #



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Thanks, Andy

39 minutes ago, Ngantek said:

How did you find the kit generally? Are you thinking of doing another?

For me, the kit was an easy build, helped to get me back into building.

Will I build another?  Probably (maybe in the proposed Space and SciFi GB Go at Throttle Up: Above the Karman Line is at T minus 13)
There are things I learned about the kit and how it works that would change my approach to the next build.
I'd probably use a similar mix of paint media, though in different colours (perhaps), and a different approach.

Worn metal in this scale will be difficult, I decided to allow natural (unintended) paint spatter to stand in for wear.

Andy, expect you know this already on this, but
AFIK, JRDF (the kit manufacturer) are set, prop and scenery builders, and that business takes priority.
They started making kits after they'd made a full size Dragonfly for a Star Citizen convention.

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