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'Tankbuster!' Hurricane MkIID

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2 hours ago, GRK said:

 I've definitely over weathered the reverse sides of the prop but all those forward operating strips in the desert wouldn't have done them much good I'm sure!

the rear of the prop blades scour down to bare metal from the tip on the rear.... on metal blades.   

see here for photos and details.


MkII's used Rotol blades, made of a compressed wood composite, with a type of fabric sheathing. 

as can be seen here by the way the break off




I mention this as it's changeable if you can be faffed.



2 hours ago, GRK said:

and oil leaking everywhere!

actually underdone.  the main oil leaks is out the back of of the engine bay, and it blows back along the fuselage, and then along the bottom edge of the UC doors,  then back under the wing.  Makes a very  distinctive stain on the UC doors that is often mistaken for mud.... seen here on Sammy Allard's VY-K, and  on the one the background.



Good underside shot, note the opild leaking from just in front of the carb intake, the onto the UC doors, going along them,  and then back over the wing. 




And another with a trop filter



Perhaps of use if you do another one, just some small detail points. 


Overall a very well painted and finished model:goodjob:

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Thanks all for your comments. 


@Troy Smith Thanks for the heads up on the very shiny metal looking wood effect I've achieved on the prop... I'll go back and paint it back to black, easy enough as I haven't glued it on. :stupid: I think I've got the pattern of the oil slicks ok but agree it could be thicker. Thanks again for the info, i do want it looking as good as i can make it.

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Thanks again all. 


11 hours ago, pacificmustang said:

Oh that is superb Graeme . Brilliant job. Your exhaust stains are a far better shape than mine too . Absolutely brilliant job . She looks the bizz alright . Colours look spot on 



Thanks Bruce, it was your comment about the exhausts that meant i had a proper look. In fact until you mentioned that you didn't feel that the stain followed the wing shape I hadn't realised that it WAS the wing shape and therefore the way the airflow passed over it that governed the stain pattern. Penny dropped!!! Seems obvious now... so thanks for filling in another knowledge gap! :) 

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Thanks again all for taking the time to leave a comment. Always nice to read them and a nice way to 'complete' the build!

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2 hours ago, providence said:

Great work ! I you manage to deal with the junction area behind the radiator.



thank you, yes that area isn’t the best. Lots of sanding and filling so a lot of the raised ribbing detail is lost 

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