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1/8 Armoured ROLLS ROYCE

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1 hour ago, colin said:

I'm not so sure, people will still be admiring your model 100yrs from now, not so sure this resin stuff will hold up so well 

With an UV guard, may be...

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Thank you very much gentlemen! It's a pleasure...


Well, the game is almost over. Some point of paint to finish and all will be completed.

It's a big lady, not easy to shoot!














And the final touch, trunks:






Thanks all for your kind comments and support along this way.

See you for another game, soon?. May be...





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Dan, that is just beautiful, beautiful to look at, beautifully done & beautiful work in the making. It was a couple of months since I had visited the thread, (how time flies in retirement. :( ), never thinking I would arrive at the end just as you have, so perfect timing for me & a wonderful result to see this done, truly master class modelling. 👍


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Good evening,


Well… well, well, well,…

A single word is coming to my mind: 




Simply a truly amazing Masterpiece Dan!




P.S: It was nice over the Mimbeau this afternoon! ;) 

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Pascal I hate you! Fly over my territory?


I agree Thierry! The WWI or II driving a Rolls Royce... English people are amazing and unpredictables! Poor froggies...



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