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SAMI a completists guide

Neil Lambess

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HI this thread is an attempt to list both the Online only and Final printed issues of SAMI ....PLEASE No criticism of the publishers or slanging matches .this is just an attempt to see what issues actually existed for those of us who are collectors and completists .


MARCH 2020. online only . Mostly reprinted as  the MARCH /APRIL 2020 issue . The online only edition is still available as a digital download from Pocket mags 


MAY 2020. Published but very hard to find  (poor distribution due to COVID?)


JUNE 2020  Published but exceptionaly  hard to find .only one listed on ebay in two years !


Monthly schedule returns and  issues published upto and including May 2021  however the following should be noted


APRIL 2021  published (I have it ) BUT reprinted as FEB 22 issue . (Correspondence from the publisher posted elsewhere on this forum suggests it was reprinted as FEB 22 as it had never been published .) It may have never had newstand distribution due to COVID lock down ?


JUNE 2021. Online only  .republished as DEC 2021 with minor changes ( oddly removed from sale at pocket mags which is where I got my digital copy from ...see MARCH 2020 entry)


JULY 2021 online only .reprinted as JAN 2022 with minor differences. (Digital copy removed from sale from Picketmags)


AUG/SEPT 2021  published as double issue


OCTO/NOV  2021

published as double issue


DECEMBER 2021 published as reprint of digital only JUNE 2021 issue


JAN 2022 Published as reprint of digital only JULY 2021 issue


FEB 2022  published as reprint of  APRIL 2021 issue .which was actually published 


VOL 28 NUMBER 3  published but no Month on cover or indicia . Some reprinting ...seems to be last known issue (EA6 B Prowler on cover )

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And today an announcement via email that I-hobby have taken the titles over combining SAMI and MMI.


i-Hobby is a print, paper and manufacturing company and has acquired the titles Scale Aviation Modeller International, Scale Military Modeller international and Model Aircraft. Along with the Modellers Datafile and Modellers Datafile Scaled Down book series.


August will see i-Hobby launch a new magazine title Scale Aviation and Military Modelling International this will be a monthly magazine.


i-Hobby will also be relaunching Model Aircraft magazine as a bimonthly bookazine. The quality of this title is really being ramped up with a September launch.


Finally, i-Hobby will be relaunching the Modellers Datafile and Modellers Datafile Scaled Down series which will see a quarterly release of new titles in these ranges of books.

Cover for illustrative purposes only. 

Please like our new iHobby Facebook page below

to keep up to date with news as we get closer to launch.


All current subscribers to the above titles will automatically receive the new magazines when launched and if you have a subscription to both SAMi and SMMI you will automatically receive the combined number you have paid for.

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9 minutes ago, HartDeco said:

Here is a link to the Facebook page with entertaining reactions from the owner to potential subscribers.




A quick check on companies house shows the same guy as was running the old mags? So not new ownership just a change of company name, so that explains the abusive and childish nature of the comments on that Facebook page I guess? From one car crash to another it seems and I am guessing more recycled material if it indeed makes it to the shelves??

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2 hours ago, spruecutter96 said:

Re-printing issues from less than a year ago? Why on earth did they even bother? Was it a case of "Get something out.... that has to be better than nothing?".



Technically  TWO of the reprinted issues were online pdfs only .so I was glad to get physical copies of those at least.

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