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Zvesda 1/35 BMPT

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Folks, I've finished the BMPT and Tim is happy for me to publish the RFI.













I hope you enjoy it.  The WiP is here 

It was a fun build although copying the camouflage and getting modulation got a bit tedious.  Tim wanted it dusty, which does kind of go with the paint scheme.  The paints were a mixture of Mig and Tamiya.  The Mig expo paint set was totally off (for this scheme anyways).  I used the Mig Warm Sand for the desert yellow and NATO Brown for the dark red/brown.  The dark sand I mixed Tamiya XF-59 and XF-72 until it looked right, because it was what I had to hand.  I used Quick Shine for the gloss coat, Mig desert wash for the pin wash, Vallejo Matt varnish and finished with Mig dust pigment and thinners to stabilise.





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It's a nice kit and cheaper than the Meng version, although it's the wrong version if you want a "Z" one.  I would advise using the Meng instructions for a painting guide - the Zvesda ones are black and white and only show two elevations whereas Meng's are full colour and all five.

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