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Smaller and slightly less pointy pointy jet

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It is inevitable that when I join a group build with a big 1/48 project, I'll at some point begin pining for something smaller and simpler to work on as well. And let's face it, when it comes to aircraft, 1/72 is my preferred scale, even if I try to convince myself otherwise.


And so here we go with Meng's F-106. Its much nicer than their F-102 (which I built for the Vietnam GB in 2020), and I have some really interesting decals to go with it. 


You've all seen this kit on several other excellent build threads here already, so I won't waste my time or yours with sprue shots and the like.


Right now I'm working on the innards. Keeping it simple. Glued the wing together. Fit was a bit "meh". Test fit the fuselage, and it's also a tad meh. But easy as pie after the Monogram dagger.






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1 hour ago, RidgeRunner said:

So what is wrong with the Meng Dagger?

Its very clunky, and fit is sub-par for a kit it's cost. It has Matchbox like trenches, is missing details like actuator arms, and has frustrating omissions in the decal sheet. They're all small things that add up to become disappointing.

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19 minutes ago, RidgeRunner said:

but I bought a Meng a couple of weeks ago :(

Actually, looking at the Meng parts and instructions on super-hobby.co.uk, I'd say there was a lot more detail and a lot to like in the kit, even if it does have issues. The Hasegawa is definitely "of its time" and could successfully moonlight as a FROG model, so it's a bit rustic! 




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