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Voodoo magic - 1/72 Revell F-101B Voodoo


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What? Clunks, but no Voodoo?

Revell's 1/72 kit, with Belcher Bits decals as I don't quite trust the kit decals. 



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Quite safe to dismiss the kit decals. The Canada titles should be red with fine back outline whereas the kit decal has the black. Also  in my one at least  they all looked a bit muddy and too matt in finish which would lead to cracking. 

 I just finished mine with what I had left of the Belcher decals

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I've been going over the destructions and dryfitting to see where the steps might be worked around a bit. 
I left off the nosewheel strut for later, but fit the bay in after spraying some primer & voodoo grey on the doors & surrounding areas on the fuselage (because that won't be reachable afterwards).
Cockpit tub fitted and fuselage closed up, and the slime lights were taken off. 




The rear Instrument panel however is fouling the details on the sill so going to work around that later. Meanwhile, the exhausts are done in AK Steel, Titanium & Burnt Metal. 
Because the plastic is slightly warped in places, I had to really clamp down the intake assembly - but it's done.


The rotating bay was plugged in, and after that I stuck on the lower wing halves.


In blatant disregard of the destructions, I left off the top halves because that makes it easier to avoid seams on the wing join. Thinning down the trailing edge near the flaps also needed. 

All that results in this:


Starting to look like a Voodoo now :) 
Next job is cleaning up all the little seam fixes needed such as on the engine bays, strakes, vents, intakes and around the bottom join where it's visible. 



The splitter plates aren't glued on yet to leave enough room for sanding, a test fit showed that that will be fine.










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Progress has been slow over the last month. It's going to be a challenge to finish this before the deadline but at least we're almost there.


I'd primed the model, and done the splitter plates separately.  Unfortunately the fit wasn't all that great so I had quite a bit of work getting rid of the Mariana trenches as a result.

Still, after that I sprayed MRP Boeing/Voodoo grey and this is where we are.

Masked off the anti-glare and treated that to a satin black .




I'd used masking fluid on the air brake openings, maybe not the best choice to do that on the wing flaps. Touch-ups it is.



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