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BMW 507 Cabrio 1957 - Elvis Presley's one - Based on a Revell old kit 1:24

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1 hour ago, Bengalensis said:

Right, it's 1/24 scale, and we continue to see a lot of excellent small scratch built details. Excellent work all over.

Then I see working sun visors. In 1/24 scale. Working sun visors. That's another level, again.

Superb work!


Wow, coming from you, this incredible compliment is all the more valuable 😲 Thank you very much, Jörgen 👍

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Afternoon gentlemen :)


The carpeting is done and is gently drying .




I've also painted with grey primer the floor mats I made (2 sets, finally), but I'm not pretty happy with them, so, I've planed to try  a 3D print



In the meantime, I've made a new gear lever:

The kit's one is'n that bad, but the lever knob hasn't the right shape (it's spherical, when the true one has the shape of a "flattened pear" 🤣)
Furthermore, the lever rod is much too thick.

So, I 3D designed a new knob, and, in the same time, a new gear lever gaiter:
For the rod,  I've used a .4 mm steel wire, shaped with pliers, and I've checked the length of the whole set, comparing it with the kit's part.

Then, I've painted the gaiter Tamiya rubber black and the knob with the same with as on the bodywork's one.


53769015874_a743dddb96_c.jpg   53769015854_9f3bcc8195_c.jpg


53769020824_22fc6b0779_b.jpg  53769109600_d146a57b98_b.jpg


It remains to put the decal on the knob (YES, REVELL provides a decal which represent the gearshift diagram ! ), and then to clear coating it :)


See you later, my fiends :)



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Lovely job.  That's a massive improvement on the kit-supplied article.

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Evening guys :)

I know it's late, but I can't sleep, so, I work a bit on this old lady  🙄


I told you the floor mats I made with Epoxy putty are not very nice once primed, so, I've 3D designed them, left ad right are different (o the left, there is a reinforced footrest area, which is made to prevent the foot to slip)


53770083578_66801b2d26_c.jpg   53768969647_131b826a09_c.jpg


Here is a set of what came out of the Elegoo washing machine, once dried and UV cured.
Not very pleasant to look at because I forgot to cleaned them up in an ultrasonic bath. I'll print a new batch tomorrow...
But you can already see that they could do the job, once correctly painted (right color, grainy aspect etc.)


53770206924_7a05a3fda6_c.jpg  53770207179_cfae4b69f0_c.jpg


That said, I've 3D designed and printed new pedals, because the kit part is terrible !


I took inspiration of this photograph:




to draw this:


53770081723_2f16c2d8c7_c.jpg   53770081608_f317fc4ea4_c.jpg


Comparison with the kit part, on the left




My new printer, ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra, is really a game changer.

On the photo below, you can notice that the grooves I designed on the throttle pedal, has been perfectly reproduced .... and you have to know that they are only  0.1 mm wide !




See you tomorrow  😉


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Evening mates :)


My new batch of floor mats came out nicely and I've thoroughly cleaned them up before free UV curing in glorious sunshine 😎 

53771878354_24b09683bd_c.jpg  53771970625_869b820422_c.jpg

I've presented both left and right ones in the carpeted cabin, just to check wether they fit well, and if I could later easily  glue in place the pedals.
I've even put in place the 2 seats in the cabin to get an idea of how it looks.


53771545261_0bb1bcb5e3_c.jpg   53771970600_f90d3138f9_c.jpg


Then the mats have been painted.


My first attempt was to brush them with Nato Black, paint the footrest on the left matt dark grey, and finally paint the beads on the edges semigloss black. Then a coat of matt acrylic varnish...
It wasn't too bad, but the surface aspect I was looking for wasn't there!
So I tried again, this time with the airbrush, spraying several coats at a very low paint flow and low pressure (8 PSI).
My aim was to get a slightly grainy or speckled aspect.
I think I achieved my goal, at least partially....you will judge!
I then painted the footrest area on the left floor mat matt dark grey, and the peripheral beads matt black again.
After a while I brushed on a light coat of Tamiya Dark Grey Panel Line Accent Color to accentuate the footrest area.
I'm quite happy with the result.


53771545211_727122b49e_c.jpg   53772033475_4567616678_c.jpg


I also painted the pedals, and I can say that it was worth the efforts ! The tiny details are perfectly visible, as the grooves on the throttle pedal




Tomorrow I'll glue the floor mats, the pedals, the ashtray, the gear lever and the seats.

But just before doing that, it might occur I add some details I'd almost forgotten:pocket trays on the lateral walls just in front of the doors, near the passenger and driver legs !

Have a glance to these photographs:


53771969794_bcf8495528_c.jpg   53771969809_134db55f96_c.jpg


Sunny day, funny day :)


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More and more great detail and workmanship a superb replica in the making!



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Afternoon my friends :)


A  bit of progress again, today:


First: The pocket trays measure about 4.0 x 4.5 mm at 1/24 scale. Impossible to 3D design such a part with all its leather folds and gathers, and impossible to fabricate it from scratch as well.

So, I've used leather-paper, red-brown.

I cut out 2 small parts with the same shapes than on the picture I  showed you yesterday, and painted them black with a Sharpie

I glued them in place with PVA glue.

Black on black, you can't see them much, but they are there !


53772724061_1c780be49c_z.jpg   53771810792_33daa76f84_z.jpg




Then I glued the pedals, the ashtray lid (A 3D designed and printed part, to replace the kit's one, which is wrong), and the floor mats


53772684962_b3e3f86f0f_c.jpg   53773805488_becc2f1890_c.jpg


53773805498_8897e45b2d_c.jpg   53773926784_ac65a01671_c.jpg


Then, I installed the doors, and adjusted them as well as I could , but, honestly , they are not flush with the bodywork.

I think I've forgotten to take in account the thickness of the several coats of paint and clear when I modified the cabin and the body....

Never mind, I can live with that (and actually, I've no other choice ! )




Then I finished the seats:

- Replaced two tiny rings (on the back of the seats) which had disappeared since I put them

- Fabricated the levers which you pull when you want to move the seat forwards or backwards

- Glued them under the seats.


53773926839_5935490d84_c.jpg   53773805403_bf16fdac2d_c.jpg




Adn finally I placed the seats in the cabin, without gluing them, with the doors closed, just to verify there was room enough to install them correctly 


53773805463_97f9b97a1f_b.jpg   53773805493_d184475119_b.jpg


53774019105_5e5fb27ab0_b.jpg   53772684957_d184475119_b.jpg



I'm now at the stage where I need to fine-tune and install all the details:

- I put the decal (gears diagram) on the gear lever knob, and later, secured it and made it shiny with a droplet of transparent UV resin




- I put the decals (BMW emblem) on the lateral chrome ventilation grills, and later, secured them and made them  shiny in the same way




And I began to working on the the car's front indicators.


The REVELL kit supplies a clear part which incorporate the indicator itself and its support, which must be painted chrome !

The indicator itself isn't orange, nor clear , but "transparent white"




In order to do the painting job, and to facilitate the handlings, I drilled a 0.4 mm hole on the back side of the indicator's supports and glued in the holes a 0.4 mm steel wire.

Then, I masked the blinker's glasses with Microscale blue Micro Mask.

Once dried, I sprayed on the indicators a wet coat of gloss black base.

In 24-48 hours, I could spray GreenStuffWorld Chrome on the black base.

And finally, I'll un-mask the blinker's glasses and paint them "transparent white"


53773805423_a144f8a592_c.jpg   53774019020_d5a05cdf25_c.jpg




That's all for now, but the job is going on :)




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Evening gentlemen :)


Some progress again today :)


Sorry for the bad pictures and the dirty bodywork, despite I handle it with cotton gloves !

A serious clean-up will be needed later.


I finished the front indicators and put them on the body.



I finished the rear lights and put them in place.



The same manner, I  installed on the trunk lid the chromed ornament which incorporate both the rear license plate lighting and the trunk lock.



I glued also on the fuel filler flap a tiny photo-etched part which represents its lock.



I installed on the front fenders the chromed ventilation grills.


53776311190_78ffa8287f_c.jpg   53776092678_00c9e33b15_c.jpg

And the front grills on the nose of the car !



I installed as well the exhaust pipes's ends and painted with "Tamiya Smoke"  their inside


53776092683_d1c16574b9_c.jpg   53776092573_93ffee1397_c.jpg


Another coat of smoke is needed when the frostbit dry .

I printed the immatriculation numbers "M JX 800", that the car had when Elvis PRESLEY bought it, and for that, I used the same font than BMW used in 2016 this restored car, "Fälschungserschwerende Schrift"(In fact, this font is mandatory since 2000 in Deutschland for all licence plates  because it's difficult to falsify !)




A lot of work is still to do on this beauty, the most difficult being to scratch a new soft-top cover, because the part REVELL supplies is not usable for the BMW 507 series II.
And there, I can't do it with my 3D printer. I've to make it with modeling clay of Epoxy putty




See you tomorrow for next adventure (and probably misadventures too)  🙄


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I love this stage when it all starts coming together. 


I don't know if you use anything like this over in your neck of the woods but when you first open the pack there's a really thick metal foil tear-off seal over the top of it that is wonderful for making tarpaulins, tonneaus etc. from...


spacer.png....just a thought.

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29 minutes ago, Neddy said:

I love this stage when it all starts coming together. 


I don't know if you use anything like this over in your neck of the woods but when you first open the pack there's a really thick metal foil tear-off seal over the top of it that is wonderful for making tarpaulins, tonneaus etc. from...


spacer.png....just a thought.


WOW 😲 Thanks @Neddy 👍  You just gave me an idea !

I do not use this stuff, coz I do prefer true coffee (I owe 2 Nespresso machines), but If I'm not mistaken, there's this kind of foil over the top of other containers in my kitchen. I'll have a look when Mrs CrazyCrank is asleep  😉


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Afternoon everybody :)


More progress again today, with some mishaps, as expected  🙄

I've :
- glued in place the bumpers
- added a phot-etched tiny part on the lid chromed piece , to represent the lock 
- added the chromed trident on the bonnet
- fixed the glasses on the front light and glued those ones on the body
- and also glued the exterior handles on the doors

- I fabricated the grill of the air intake situated in front of the windscreen, using 100 mesh that I cut to the right shape and glued on the chromed frame by underneath


53777307736_63c2d6598c_c.jpg   53777307616_255642cbd5_c.jpg




53777514513_6bdbf1cd34_c.jpg   53777514578_75f564efeb_c.jpg




53777307581_2bc12d1ef5_z.jpg   53777728680_70144754d7_z.jpg


53777634309_8ddb3ba48b_c.jpg   53777728730_65047c5b32_c.jpg


I'd also to remake the tail lights because:
- I'd inverted vertically the right chromed housing
- and the chrome I'd painted on the housings suffered during repetitive handlings


So, I used the chromed parts of my second kit, that were far better than the first kit's ones !.

I only had to put a little touch-up of Molotov Liquide Chrome over their sprue contact areas


I remade as well the lateral fender's ventilation grills, using also the chromed parts of my second kit because:
- same problem with the painted chrome
- And the BMW emblems have deteriorated since yesterday, possibly due to handlings or bad reaction with the clear I put on them...





I also had to repair a little damage to the inside panel of the right-hand door.
The chrome bead that separates the white leather from the black leather was a bit too long at the rear, and as it rubbed against the cabin trim at the door opening, it ended up coming unstuck at the rear, then twisting, taking the black paint off the top of the panel with it.
So I had to sand it down as best I could, re-do a chrome bead, glue it in place, then re-paint the top of the panel in black, trying not to let it show too much (in fact, it doesn't show at all if you're not looking, when you don't know it's there !).




On this photo, obviously, you can see the repair, because there's a slight  extra thickness where the paint didn't strip off (I didn't dare to sand too much, fearing to strip off all the black paint on the top edge of the door)


The kit's licence plates are a bit too thick and rather badly molded, so I 3D designed and printed them


The whole set




Front ones, slightly curved (concave towards the rear )




Rear ones:




It remains to do: I write here this to do list, to to make sure I don't forget to do any of these tasks 😉


- Spraying semi-gloss clear on the paint I repaired on the right door

- Glueing the lateral ventilation grills

- Fabricating and installing the door locks

- Glueing the wheels

- Glueing the set windscreen/dashboard

- glueing the rear-view mirrors (inside and outside)

- glueing the radio antenna

- glueing the gear lever

- Glueing the steering wheel

- Glueing the seats

- Painting the licence plates and installing the decals, then glueing the plates on the front bumper and the bottom of the trunk lid.

- Fabricating the soft-top cover

- Painting my new suitcases and placing them in the trunk

- Thoroughly but carefully cleaning-up all the bodywork, the engine bay, the cabin etc, before taking some nice pictures to exhibit in the RFI section 


Wanted ! good reward :


- Do you know of any 1/24 figures of ‘The King’ in his youth? (Precisely, in the end of 50's)

- Is anyone able to print me some decals showing a kiss, 2 lips covered in red lipstick? This kind of stuff, but at 1/24 scale, and precise, well-defined image, clearly identifiable as a ‘groupie’ kiss !




This is NOT a joke ! (You know I'm Crazy 🤪)


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32 minutes ago, Toftdale said:

Have you considered printing a pair of lips and then using them as a stamp?


OHHH, Andy, I just understood what you mean: ... 3D designing and 3D printing a pair of lips.....?

Hmm....that's a good idea, but...at 1/24 scale!..... good luck.


Quickly, that would make a print 2 mm wide, 1 mm high (0.5 mm for each lip)... even with a professional 3D resin printer, I think it's impossible to achieve the level of detail you're looking for, and even if you were to settle for a simplified print, once the stamp was inked, it would smudge!
No, only a decal would be suitable. 🤔

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52 minutes ago, CrazyCrank said:

No, only a decal would be suitable.

Another option would be to slightly squash the end of some micro tube (such as you made your antenna from) and use that as a stamp.  With regards to smearing,  put the paint on the stamp and then stamp it on some tissue paper several times until there's hardly any left and then apply.  It might even be worth experimenting loading the stamp with a red Sharpie pen.  I would offer to print you some decals,  however at 2mm x 1mm my printer would never achieve the definition and colour intensity you require. - Andy 

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Nice idea. 😎

I'll give the pair of lips a try on my decal printer, after I've done some cleaning of the original file. It will take some days before I'm at it though, and I'm not sure it will be good enough...

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34 minutes ago, Bengalensis said:

Nice idea. 😎

I'll give the pair of lips a try on my decal printer, after I've done some cleaning of the original file. It will take some days before I'm at it though, and I'm not sure it will be good enough...

I'm looking forward to seeing the result, Jörgen.

Thanks a lot for working on my project 👍

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Evening gentlemen :)


A lot of work today, but this build isn't finished.

I've made the major part of the tasks I listed yesterday, and even put the ignition key in place with its BMW keyring, but I stil  remain to do those ones:

- Fabricating and trying to install in place the door locks
- Finishing the license plates and install them
- Painting and installing my new suitcases
- Fabricating a soft top cover, but as well painting and improving the deployed soft-top

- Finding a former Elvis fan and ask her to kiss the body of my model, with red on her lips


Hereunder a lot of rough photographs taken during the job


53779220682_714ebcd45d_c.jpg   53780152636_192ae2ebeb_c.jpg




53780572190_79aa2db8e7_c.jpg  53780471224_f69c92e60e_c.jpg


53780152796_205a4f3fc1_c.jpg   53780572220_8c80f209a4_c.jpg









I've also placed one of the kit's wipers, and they seem too thick to me; their size and appearance contrasts with that of the other car details.

So, really not knowing if I will manage to reach my purpose, I've decided to 3D design them, to make thinner and prettier ones !




53780628245_2a84135d56_c.jpg   53780418778_262cd1460d_c.jpg




53780153196_6c83be6894_c.jpg   53780153171_35b3ed87d7_c.jpg


This first attempt seems to be right but actually, it doesn't fit correctly, partially because the pin that goes into the hole of the body in front of the windscreen isn't correctly angled relatively to the axle of the wiper.

So, I've modified my design and I'll try with the second one.


See you tomorrow 😉




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Morning guys :)


Andy ( @Toftdale ), I've to apologize !



While I was waiting for the printer to finish its job, I decided to try 3D designing a stamp for my  "Fan's red kiss".


And I ended up  with this:




After printing, I got this stuff:




The mouth measures 2.9 mm x 1.9 mm, which is about 70x45 mm at 1/1 scale....Julia Robert's or Lolo Ferrari's lips ? 🤣

Joking aside, this size seems perfectly usable !


And after several attempts on a sheet of paper with acrylic Tamiya Red, I've got this ‘mess’!


53781877004_d13e3ac1ed_c.jpg   53781763573_be0ba4e995_c.jpg



Well, I'll have to practise more and more, and I'll probably have to modify the design slightly to get a bigger opening between the lips, to avoid the paint spilling out !


BUT, the last stamps encourage me to follow this path....who knows how far my steps will take me? 🤔🤪😉


PS: The advantage of the acrylic paint, if I decided to use this method, is that it's removable with IPA, product which cannot damage the 2K clear of the bodywork 😎 

So, if I'm not happy with a result, it's easy to fix !


See you later :)



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Morning everybody :)


I've achieved to make a new set of windscreen wipers, assembling for each one two new 3D printed parts.

Then I've chromed them.




53783348113_a843d2d5a7_c.jpg   53783461004_8b9184eb94_c.jpg


It remains to paint Tamiya rubber black the rubber part of their blades, unless I use a black marker ?


I've also chosen the paint color for the ne suitcases: Bordeaux red and I've used Zero Paint ZP-1007 (Ferrari leather color)

Here is the result, far beyond my expectations : (In reality, the red is darker than on the photos below)




53783348133_87fd5d094b_c.jpg   53783134551_633bcc5b78_c.jpg




I've just now to paint chrome the "hardware" of the suitcases, using Molotov chrome with a 20/0 or 10/0 brush, wearing magnifying glasses


See you later :)



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Awesome work Thierry. Kit wipers are almost never very good, so printing new ones is definitely worth it.

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Afternoon mates :)


The windscreen wipers are finished and have been put in place




The licence plates have been painted: white with airbrush yesterday, then today I've hand brushed  a little rectangle of blue on the left, and the back and the peripheral bead in Vallejo silver.

The decals were' ready and I've delicately cut them off to 19.5 x 4.5 mm.

They fitted like a glove on a hand :)

When the decal is fully dried, I'll put a layer of clear coat on the plates, and...that's it




See you later for the next episode.... the end is near !


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On 10/06/2024 at 11:52, CrazyCrank said:

Andy ( @Toftdale ), I've to apologize !


Oh you're too kind, however this quote will look good on a t-shirt 



With all your additional details shes definitely shaping up yo be another masterpiece - Andy 

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