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1/72 Airfix A6M2 Zero


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Had a 4 day weekend and put it to great use, don't think I've ever been this productive. The kit is great and goes together well. Unfortuneatly, Ive sucked at taking pictures, and I got a little carried away with the chipping. Good for my first time, but a better learning experience. Need to finish gear assembly, final decals, and then start some weathering. 







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welcome along to the build, and great to see another of Airfix's little gems in the build.


Nice progress on the build too (ok you're nearly completed it), and a nice attempt at the weather finish as well, it takes practice but you're on the right track so well done.


If you are worried about the excessive chipping then you could just "dust" over some super thinned white (or similar very pale colour), say 90:10 thinner to paint. You just go over the upper exposed surfaces, what this will do is fade out the main colour and give you a bit of a sun bleached finish. Add a tiny bit of Airfield dust pigment and you have a well worn fighter straight off an airstrip.


Anyway, great work, keep it up as you are nearly there.  :thumbsup:

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Thanks Rich! 


Decided to leave the chipping as is to ensure I finish this build on time. Gear assembly wasn't too bad, though the inner door attachment was very thin, and both sides broke and needed repair. Final clear coat went on today, hoping to wrap this up tomorrow




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