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1/32 CF-104D "Triple Sick"


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It's a real shame the paint reacted on the tail, but definitely better to make it right than rush. The polished aluminium is looking fantastic, what paint did you use?



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Ok, I've got some good news to report. After the titanium dried, I masked it off and sprayed the rest of the tail section.




There's a panel in Voodoo Grey and the rest is silver. Most pictures show the tail section on CF-104s has a different finish to it. This is what I was trying to do the first time around and had the paint reaction. This time it worked out much better. 




I'm going to continue on and see how far I can get before the deadline. 

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Thanks folks. I've been pressing on with this. 

I assembled and painted the intakes. The shock cones were done first in flat back and then I glued things together and painted the exterior. 







I then painted the gear parts. Lots of seam lines to clean up. 




Once dry, I installed the gear legs and she's standing on her own now. 




I did a test fit of the wings. The right one was really tight and needed to be thinned down before I could get it in place. The left one fit fine. 




For fun, I added the tip tanks. 




I may be able to finish assembly tomorrow and then decals will be left. 

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Thanks James! 


I'm getting close to the wire but we'll see.


Wheels are painted and on. 






I used Hasegawa Mirror finish on the struts for a polished look. It's like Bare Metal Foil but more resilient.




In place on the gear legs. 




The first pair of doors are on. Once dry, I'll add the forward pair and the MLG doors. 




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I got the remaining gear doors in place. I wish they had better mounting points but it worked. 




The ventral fin, tail hook and engine were done at the same time. 


For the pitot tube, I used a Master one in aluminium.




This is sharp. I stabbed myself a couple times on my previous F-104. 


Finally, time for decals and finishing it up. 




The decals are from Canuck Decals and are OOP. Unfortunately the don't give you enough numbers for the markings so I had to use some from a CT-133 sheet. Thankfully they're all the same size and font. 









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