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Handley Page HP.42 at Samakh


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Another (and probably the last) of my Handley Page images (promise :) )
This time I've chosen a refueling and pit stop scene in Samakh, enroute to the far East.
The passengers are waiting in the sun to embark, when the refueling is done. On the 'nose tip' of Hanno you can just spot the airport buildings, reflecting in the aluminium skin.
The image is a true mixture of techniques, but all digital. The planemodel, the fuel wagons, the cargo trolley under the starbord wing root and grass plain is all 3D models
the persons are painted or cutout photos, and the cars as well..

H.P.42 is Hanno refueling enroute to the Far East


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Thank you, yes that photo was my inspiration. A long time I thought that photo was from Africa. Turned out to be in Samakh, todays’s Palestine. 

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