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Eduard ProfiPACK Edition 1/48 BF109F-4

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Hello everyone,


I wanted to share my build progress of the Eduard ProfiPACK 1/48 BF109F4.

The model comes in a lovely box, with two large sprue’s, two smaller ones and a clear  parts sprue.



There is a little bit of flash but nothing that cannot be cleaned up. 


I was drawn to this kit because of the supplied canopy masks and complimentary photo etch. The instructions are really well produced in a glossy booklet. Overall the kit screams quality. 


I began with the cockpit and added the relevant PE. This was then primed with Vallejo black surface primer.



Afterwards I gave it a coat of XF63 German Gray, then added a drop of XF2 White to the XF63 to highlight certain areas. Once those coats were cured, I dry brushed silver chips into the footwell and on the seat.


The highlights look quite strong, but that is only through the lens of the camera. It is nice a subtle to the eye.



At one point I lost the fuel hose which I subsequently found when I went to use the extra thin cement!



Once the paints had dried, I clear coated the cockpit and side walls, added a panel line wash and painted in some small extra details.



The cockpit has gone together quite nicely. The PE seatbelts are a nice touch, as is the control panel.



The fuselage went together ok, there was a small gap forward of the cockpit that needed filling.



With the wings finally on, she’s starting to resemble a plane. I’m fairly content so far. 


Thanks for reading if you’ve stuck with the build progress, I’ll post some more in a few weeks.



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That's a nice start to what looks like a superb kit. I think those Eduard 'Profipack' kits are great value when you consider all of the extra bits that are included.


Cockpit looks great Tom, well done, should build into a very nice model when you're done with it!


Kev 😎👍

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Great work Tom


The Eduard 109’s are great kits. 


Look forward to to seeing more progress. 





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Being a bit of a sucker for a Bf109 I'll follow this with great interest.  You've made a great start and she's looking very neat.  Which scheme will you paint her in?

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  • 4 weeks later...

Time for an update; progress has been relatively slow for this kit as I’m extremely busy at work. However I have moved forward.


The remaining PE was straight forward and gave me no dramas.



I like the look of the flaps as well. The Messerschmitt BF109 is a really good looking aircraft in my opinion.



The canopy needed the smallest amount of shaving to fit nice and snug. In this image they’re not glued in place as I then needed to mask them with the set provided.



The build was pretty much complete at this point, ready for priming.


I wanted to try Mr Finishing Surfacer black primer on this build, but it was sold out in my local hobby shop. Instead I used what I had which was Vallejo Surface Primer. It didn’t go on too great if im honest. Never mind, it’s primed and ready now. 

I also made myself an aircraft stand from

some wood and foam which is a cheap alternative to a proper stand (which I still

intend to buy) for painting.


The next stage will be some XF2 mottling before the main colours.


Thanks for reading.




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  • 3 weeks later...

A small update on the BF109 F-4 build. 

I’ve been working away for three weeks so it feels great to finally get back to the bench. I began with mottling some XF2 for the pre shading. 


I sprayed at 15psi with a .2 needle and thinned it slightly more that what I usually do and it went well in my opinion.



Next I mottled RLM 78 (Mr Hobby H418) before laying down a couple of light coats. This was all in order to add contract in tone and shade to the paint work.


This was my first time using any Mr Hobby products and the levelling thinner and I really recommend it. It felt so easy to have control of the paint through the brush. 


With the RLM 78 down and cured, it was time to mask the aircraft up. I contemplated free handing the RLM 79 but decided against it in the end. The masking took some considerable time but it was well worth it. Initially I wanted to get some putty to make the border softer but I was impatient and wanted to get on with the model!



Then finally it was time to mottle the RLM 79 (H66) before another couple of light coats.



The image doesn’t do the pre shading any justice but I’m really chuffed with how it’s looking so far.


Thanks for following along.




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Following on from my previous update, the masking went well and like with everything to do with this build, it’s all just clicking.




I masked the under side and put down a coat of Mr Hobby 413 for the RLM 04 Yellow. The propeller was sprayed in XF27 Black Green as well.


With the landing gears on, it was then time for a coat of X22 Clear.


And now I’m up to the decals. They feel pretty delicate, I’ve found once I lay them down they can be quite stubborn to move into position, but as I type this I’m 3/4 the way done and so far so good.




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An update on what progress I’ve managed to achieve.


The decals went on no problems. I then proceeded with another coat of clear before applying a brown wash for German dark yellow all over the model. For variety I used Tamiya Black Accent Colour around the landing gears (areas where it would be oily).

You can see from the image below the difference the wash makes on the wings compared to elsewhere.



With the wash on, I then wanted to enhance those panel lines with some oils. I sparingly and I mean sparingly dabbed some spots on before blending the oil in.



The finished look before I added exhaust fumes etc.



She’s not finished, as another touch I dry brushed some X11 silver onto the propeller and the area where the pilot would climb in.


Im still to paint the wing tips, add the radio wire and some pigments to the landing gears and underneath. Then it will be time to build a desert base!


Thanks for reading.



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A final update on the BF109F-4;


With the build at 99% complete and just waiting for some rigging for the radio antenna, I got to work on the base.


I wanted a small desert base/vignette, something simple to enhance the model. I bought a picture frame and sized up some foam.



I cut some Das clay to size, washed some diluted PVA glue on and stuck on some stones around the edges. Once I was satisfied, I went back over with the diluted PVA and spread about some sand before then applying some AK dried sea grass.



With it all dried I then proceeded to base colour it with a mixture of XF59 Desert Yellow, XF63 German grey and XF57 Buff. I gradually kept increasing the buff and desert yellow until I was satisfied.



And then finally with some Vallejo paints I individually painted the rocks to add some contrast. 


Im pretty satisfied with the base. If I did it again I’d add some model railway ballast or different size sand just to break up that uniformity more.



And with that it was complete. I really enjoyed this build. No major issues, there’s a few improvements I could make but I’m always learning! 

Here is the ready for inspection post!


I made a build video for anyone interested. Thank you for reading and following along.




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Inserting the ready for inspection post.
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