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Monogram F4U4 Corsair

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Hi All,


The first of my entries for this GB.


Like most I'm sure, I grew up building Revell or Monogram

kits, some of which I still have packed away, that I built as a kid/teen.


Over the years I have collected/gathered some kits that I either have had/

built, that ended up going to the great model yard in the sky.


Some of the ones that aren't packed away, that I have considered  for this




The Pine Island I will need to check with the GB Mods, as it may well be more than 25% started


For this build, I have chosen the Monogram F4U4 Corsair.

My Dad built this when I was young and always enjoyed playing with the Moving parts.

I will build pretty much OOB I think, but as you will see further down I do have some aftermarket



Onto the Kit


Box Art



Box Contents



Sprue Shots - Not a lot of parts



Clear Parts



Decals -  Leaning currently to the Marine Version



Kit Instructions - Typically Monogram of the time




After Market parts comprising of R2800 Engine/Cockpit set/Flaps set



Thanks for Looking in, and catch up with you for kick off tomorrow:D








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Lovely! I've built most of the 1/48 Monogram kits of that period, but not this one because it was outside my interest area (WWII). Pretty strict approach, isn't it? I would love to have one (or at least see one built) now!

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