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Revell Mississippi riverboat named after a certain Southern General

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I finally found one at a reasonable price, started it, decided it needed some changes. So I've added decks where there went any and will probably add some kind of interior, this was after cleaning up the window openings and finding out you could in fact see inside it was all true and square. 













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15 hours ago, Jerry L said:

Your next to last photo: Love the juxtaposition of the models! :like:

Moving house often means you have to have composite fleets lol

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Since this version of the kit does not have a boiler, the first issue of the kit had one, it was removed from the molds when the motorized kit was released and has not made its way back into the model since. I will scratch build one and hopefully it will look the part once it is in the kit. 


The wheel needed some clean up, if was rather flashed over. 


Smokestacks, I might still attempt to make the supports in the middle from wire. 


Paddle wheels, the big part of the kit that makes the ship what it is. I removed the original paddles as they were overly thick and ugly, I have replaced them with 40 boards 18mm long and 5 mm wide.


Cotton bales, steamer trunks, anchor stocks, and piles of wood for the boilers painted. Not to mention all the exposed decking. 









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Well I got the boilers looking satisfactory, it's a simple affair but looks the part. I also finished putting Paddle boards on the wheels and will paint them later today. 










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8 hours ago, S-boat 55 said:

These riverboats have have such a charm to them which I think your recreating brilliantly 👏 

Thank you very much! These old boats are something else, not quite a floating palace, not quite a pure working boat. If I had the knowledge I might build a steam calliope for this kit, but we shall see. 

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