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1/350 scale TV21 Talons of the Eagle

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Frank Bellamy illustrated TV21 Talons of the Eagle story using the RTL2 featured in the Thunderbirds episide The Cham Cham. Bellamy's dynamic style well illustrated the RTL2 a favourite guest vehicle of mine. Many, many years ago I scratchbuilt it, based around two Ariane V boosters. So no scale in mind.


With the re-released Aoshima TB kits, it occurred to me that the 1/350 scale TB2 might be compatible with the RTL2. Suprisingly they matched the Bellamy artwork virtually exactly. So adapted a pod and scratchbuilt the Bellamy grab. Here are the photos.


Talons of the Eagle2g


Talons of the Eagle1n


Talons of the Eagle4l


Talons of the Eagle3t


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Really nice. Always been a fan of the RTL2 design and this is a lovely scratch build of it. Great job on Thunderbirds 1 and 2 as well!

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Thanks very much everyone. Glad you like them.


Thought I'd try one with the small scale Aoshima diecast Zero X (with a bit of Photoshopping to hide the obvious diecast origin) in the same sort of vein.


Zero X TB2 a14





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