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V-P*S Monogram 1:48 B-17G from Revell

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The first build thread, probably the last to finish!


For one that's used to the size of 1:72 kits...


...this is huge, 3.375 times larger!


This will be my subject for the build. More about it later!

Edit: A few more things: I have the Eduard mask set and must now go shopping for some Kits-World decal sets. The model will most likely be painted with Tamiya kili-kalis (spray cans) like I did the Matchbox B-17G.


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Nice choice. I do remember that kit - great fit. I built  A bit o‘ lace from it in 1985. Would need some upgrade now.

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Well, my son asked me where am I going to store and display when it's finished. I told him I'd do that in his apartment as he'll get it from me as a present :giggle: - and he said "no thanks"!

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  • vppelt68 changed the title to V-P*S Monogram 1:48 B-17G from Revell

Hello V-P,


I was expecting you to appear on this construction group!:clap2:
I'm reluctant to join you, as my workbench is overflowing with ongoing topics.

Good start, I will follow your tribulations with great interest.




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I just spent 22 GBP + s&h + eventual customs fee in two sets of 1:48 decal sheets and 3D printed seat cushions, just to get proper fuselage and tail codes on this 30€ kit :hmmm:

Edit: Add the cost of the previously bought Eduard canopy mask set and the cost of building this kit is just doubled :winkgrin:

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I'm not allowing myself to *start building her* yet, but of course I can do some preparations!


The last look at those sealed parts bags. Still can't understand how big this kit is.


Bags opened, sprues washed with Fairy ™️ and rinsed well; now drying. *I must resist* :whistle:. V-P

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This kit builds up pretty straight forward. Don't have to mess with a bomb bay because it doesn't have one. I really don't worry about details inside kits like this where most of your efforts are never seen. My advice is to skip some of the obvious internal items that won't be seen and focus on just what you can.



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