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Vampire F.3 Seat PRINT (648753 for Airfix) 1:48

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Vampire F.3 Seat PRINT (648753 for Airfix)

1:48 Eduard Brassin PRINT




The new Airfix De Havilland Vampire F.3 has been available since late 2021, and you can see our original review here.  A number of Photo-Etch (PE) and 3D printed decal sets have been released already now, and that range is still growing.  This new set provides a directly 3D Printed ejection seat for the Vampire in incredible detail.  The set arrives in a flat Brassin pack with card insert keeping it and the instructions straight, and the parts themselves are safely protected inside a small clear plastic box to prevent crush damage and jostling.




Inside the clear foil bag is the box containing the ejection seat, which has a small sticky label within to reduce the likelihood of excessive movement of the part.  The detail is truly stunning, and there is more to come from the included Photo-Etch (PE) sheet of seatbelts, which attach to the rear cockpit bulkhead after opening up a small hole in the seat armour above the new seatback.  The seat has a rolled quilted back cushion, and the adjustment mechanism is baked-in during the printing process.  You will need to supply a piece of 0.6mm rod or wire to stretch behind the seat as part of the mounting/adjustment equipment, and once you have it installed in place of the kit seat, you can apply the nickel-plated pre-painted belts, complete with comfort pads under the buckles.  You could argue that little will be seen within the gloomy black cockpit of a post-war British fighter jet, but if one thing will be visible, it’s the seat, and this one will be sure to impress.




The photo above shows the two kit seats on the left and centre, with and without belts.  There are no other parts for attachment to the kit seat, so no adjustment mechanism will be seen.  The PRINT seat on the right is exactly as it comes off the printing block, after sanding back the underside where the block attached.  The belts are added later, and if you were to fit the rather strangely-shaped pilot, you'd be hiding all that detail.  The photo shows up some light layering, although that will disappear under a coat of paint or primer.  The difference in detail is stunning, and the shape is much more authentic.


Highly recommended.




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