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Fw.190D Resin Upgrade Sets (for IBG Models) 1:72

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Fw.190D Resin Upgrade Sets (for IBG Models)

1:72 CMK by Special Hobby




IBG have recently branched out to aviation models, with a new 1:72 Fw.190D their initial offering.  CMK have brought these new upgrade sets to market on the basis that resin and 3D printed resin can improve the detail beyond what is possible with injection moulded styrene.  As usual with CMK's resin sets, they arrive in the familiar clear vacformed box, with the resin parts safely inside, and the instructions sandwiched between the header card at the rear.  Decals and Photo-Etch (PE) when included is separated from the resin parts by a clear piece of acetate to prevent scratching and damage during transit.  The Quick & Easy sets are green-themed, while the new 3D Printed set is in orange, as is the resin within.



Fw.190D Exhausts (Q72399 for IBG)

These two resin exhausts are simple drop-in replacements for the kit parts, offering finer details and the impression of hollow exhaust tubes.  They glue directly to the kit-supplied engine during construction.







Fw.190D Main Wheels (Q72400)

Another drop-in set with two resin wheels that have excellent detail on the hubs and tyres, with raised maker’s details and data on the sidewalls.  These are suitable for almost all Fw.190D kits, although a little alteration of the mounting hole may be required for other kit brands.







Fw.190A/D Seat (P72001)

This set consists of a seat that has been directly 3D printed, plus a small fret of PE brass that makes up a full set of seatbelts for the pilot, and a further skin for the cockpit’s rear bulkhead with a small round part inserted into a part-etched recess in the skin.  The set can also be used on other brands of Fw.190 kits, but the bulkhead may need some adjustment if you intend to use it.








A useful gaggle of upgrade sets for your new IBG 1:72 Fw.190D (or other brand) that increases the detail far beyond the abilities of styrene moulding, with minimal effort for the modeller at a reasonable price.


Highly recommended.


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