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Westland Wasp HAS 1: 'Ambuscade Flight: XT778'

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AP-101C-0601-3A Wasp HAS 1 Illustrated parts manual


T. L. Ciastula: The Development of the P.531, The Aeronautical Journal / Volume 68 / Issue 642 / June 1964


D. B. Bathurst: Maritime VSTOL — The Development of Small Ship Helicopter Operations in the Royal Navy,

SAE Transactions Vol. 83, Section 3: 740525–740863 (1974)


L. B. Bryson, F. E. Heenan, C. A. Johnson: Helicopters in the Royal Navy, The Aeronautical Journal / Volume 76 / Issue 740 / August 1972


J. H. Stevens: Scout and Wasp - Westland's All-British Helicopters,  Flight International June 1964


Adrian Balch: Westland Scout & Wasp, Warpaint Series No.110, Guideline Publications. 2017


Larry Jeram-Croft, Terry Martin: The Royal Navy Wasp: An Operational & Retirement History, Pen & Sword Aviation 2018



A placeholder so I can't bottle out of doing this at such a large and (to me) unfamiliar scale once the Sea Vixen builds are completed.... 😁



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You do realise that after the superb sea vixens in 1/72, @1/24 scale,if this isnt a fully functioning,rotor folding,door opening,wheel turning replica,we are all going to be very disappointed 😜

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  • TheBaron changed the title to Westland Wasp HAS 1: 'Ambuscade Flight: XT778'

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