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How to Replace 1/48 flight stick?


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Morning! I was working on my Tamiya F-14A 1/48 kit and after finishing some painting on the cockpit, realized the RIO joystick fell off into the abyss that is my carpet. While most people will never notice it, it's driving me crazy. Of course, no one sells 1/48 scale flight sticks/joysticks. Any suggestions? I suppose I could take a sprue and just cut it and stick it there but that would look pretty terrible.


I even considered buying a resin cockpit kit for an unbuilt Super hornet just so I could then steal joystick from it, but those are expensive for just a .01 cent piece.


Any help would be appreciated.



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Is the other pilot's stick the same?


You could mould it and use the mould to cast a second in milliput or similar?

Whilst ideally you'd use good quality mould making and casting materials, it's possible to get an OK result with simpler techniques.


e.g. blue stuff (a hot water softened reusable casting medium): 


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I'd second the suggestion of thermo mould and clay replica. Used this method the replicate a lost part on a car engine. Just think out which side you can live with being flat (the bit at the top of the mould).

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