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Tamiya 1/700 King George V

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I actually finished this a couple weeks ago, but this is the first opportunity I've had to upload some proper photos.  My goal is to have a capital ship from each navy in WW2, and next up is an Iowa-class battleship.  Overall, this one took a couple months, but it was a pretty fun build.  I'm still learning a lot, which is one of my favourite parts of this hobby.  I haven't built many ships yet, so the learning curve is still pretty steep.  I documented the build here: 

Anydangways, here she is, all finished:




































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Gorgeous build - I need to read your 'work in progress' log in detail.  Sea scene with figures too - Well done Sir!

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Gidday Erik, that's a first class build, and beautifully presented. She looks like she's in quite a hurry.

     So an Iowa class is next. What were you planning for the German, Japanese, French and Italian Navies?

Regards, Jeff.

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Thanks for the compliments, everyone!  I wanted to show her at full speed, mostly because I'm still not skilled enough at water to know when to tone it down.  I already have 1/350 scale kits of the Bismarck and the Tirpitz awaiting construction, and I have a 1/700 scale Yamato that I completed years ago and which I shared here on this forum a few months back.  I haven't purchased a French or Italian model kit yet, since I have a large pile of other kits to get through and I promised myself that I wouldn't buy any more until I take the backlog down a bit.

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That's a really nice KGV. I'm very much loving the really subtle rust streak effects you've got going on there. I'm looking to add a little detail like that to my ship building and it's good to see that less really can be more on that front.

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