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Raiden and Tenzan Accelerated up the incline---Nope doesn't sing try, this... Jack and Jill race up to Attack! J2M3 and B6N2 Twofer!


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Letting all that dry over night added the decals. A great big sheet that really only uses  maybe 1/3 supplied. The other 2/3 is not even listed in the instructions as to where they go. But Oh well.



Also like the Jack once these are dry and set I'll give everything a matte coat, antenna wires, exhaust weathering and remove  the masking from the cockpit glass. Now I'm all caught up:yahoo:

So like before, once more, with feeling, I should have both these kiddos finished tomorrow. Same Bat Time, Same Bat channel.:pilot:

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Time for the final installment of this little dance with these two. Once the decals dried overnight I gave everything a matte varnish coat.



After that cleaned the masking tape from the canopies, added antenna wires to both and finally used some oily black on the exhaust and guns to give them character. finally the ordinance for the Jill, and this is what you end up with...










And there you have it. Two little kids just running all over the place. Thanks for following along and all the comments, suggestions and encouragements. Not sure if I'll get any more build added before the cutoff, but I might be able to squeeze one or two more depending on how other GB builds progress. But in any event as I like to say, Stay Safe, Stay healthy, sty cool, and definitely Model ON! :pilot:



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WOW!!!!  Awesome job they looks great together!!!


I love the finish on both of them, really nicely done and no messing around with the build either, super quick and super nice.


Well I am really glad you decided to join in the fun, was really nice to have you along.

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Thanks Rich. I was hoping to get a couple more subjects entered ,a Seiran, a Myrt, and a Kate, but time and circumstances have conspired against me. Not to mention Old age :clif: But I will say this has been one of the most enjoyable GB I've participated in in a while. This has been a year of too many great GBs  I could readily  build multiple subjects in each   until the cows came home and still not get everything done I want to. I went back and counted as of today I've finished 17 builds and have one partially finishe.d  There is still 5 months to go. Last year I managed to get 16 done and was rather proud of my output. Looking at the current GB left on the calendar, there are probably 10 more I really want to get done, but I know I won't get near that many done. But in any event Thanks for having me along. It has been a Blast!

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....."the modelling mojo is strong in this one!"......   :D


That's great to hear, I am glad you enjoyed yourself  and having a great time building models, that's what life and GB's should be about.


You still have about 4 week left with this GB........  :D

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