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1/72 Kovozavody Prestejov Vickers FB-19 Mark 1 'Bullet' in Russian Services

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Dear all -

Just completed this KP kit today.   

Very nice little kit comprising 26 parts on a single sprue.   Fairly straightforward build although some careful assembly/alignment required installing cockpit; tailplane and main wings.

Built mostly OOB with the following small aditions/details:

Cockpit including bulkheads, ammo boxes and seat harness;
Cut and posed elevators and ailorens;
Sanded back the over promiment molded rib details;
Vickers MG belt feed added;
Wind driven fuel pump added to front port side cabane strut;
Open out the additional air cooling slots/holes in cowling;
Control horns;

Access panel underside


Rigged using Uschi standard for bracing wires and fine for all control cables.

According to Wikipedia, the Russians ordered around 20-30 of this aircraft but replaced the engines with more powerful types to improve performance.   I therefore used the Clerget engine supplied in the kit which is really for the Mark 2 version.

Painted in the colours/markings of 'Black 12' the machine used by Grigori E Suk (2 victories in this machine shared), Imperial Russian Air Force 1917.





















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Super little number. We do not see too many of these - another of the lesser known types. All the more important as a result. Super paint finish and rigging.



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Beautiful craftsmanship. I love seeing Imperial Russian aircraft, and this is a type that I had not heard of before! The rigging looks extremely neat and your custom additions add to the realism of the overall build. A wonderful Vickers Bullet!

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