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F-104G Starfighter - In Europe ++ Finished 13/7/22 ++

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On 25/06/2022 at 16:41, modelling minion said:

Nice smooth coat of paint John, excellent work.👍





Thanks Craig. It is Citadel's Grey Seer from a rattle can, and is close enough for me in this scale to the colour of F-104G's used by the EdA.


On 25/06/2022 at 22:35, Davek72 said:

Lovely work John. 


Cheers Dave. I have managed to do a bit more on it over the past couple of days.



I've wrapped up the bulk of the painting since the previous update, the exception being the canopy frames. I like to do those as one of the last jobs on these tiddlers.



by John L, on Flickr



by John L, on Flickr


Then earlier this evening I made a start on getting the decals on, finishing that small task a short while ago.



by John L, on Flickr



by John L, on Flickr



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On 30/06/2022 at 21:24, modelling minion said:

Very nice John, the Spanish markings certainly add some colour to the model don't they.

Very close to the finish line now mate.👍




On 01/07/2022 at 19:56, Dansk said:

nice john.

are you considering a descrete panel line wash after decaling?

a sealing matt / satin coat after that could really bring it all together so nicely.



Thanks chaps. I don't usually weather my models and especially not in this scale Paul, mainly because my weathering skills ain't anything to write home about. But I did have a go at a panel line wash on the Spanish 104 by using this. Having duly applied some to the lines on one of the wings, I left it to dry for a little while and then used some thinners to remove any excess - only to find that it removed what I wanted to keep, :doh:  and that is where this weathering sojourn ended, before I really mucked things up. I am certain that it is my technique and not the product, so methinks more practice is needed - a lot more practice.  :winkgrin:



by John L, on Flickr


Along with the Thunderchief, I also finished the detail painting on these two European Starfighters today, and here they are together.



by John L, on Flickr



by John L, on Flickr


I will pop some more photos in the gallery later.





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