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Reini's Century Series - "Zipper"


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Reini's Century Series - F-104G Starfighter




One of the many Hasegawa's Starfighter boxings. 





Here's the box contest. Hasegawa is my favourite F-104 kit in this scale.





Some aftermarket is a must. These 3D printed ladders just seemed so nice that I couldn't resist.





I usually make mask clear parts myself but for this I have ready made masks. Master pitot tube is a must, some PE to add some cockpit detail and resin wheels. I might still add a resin ejection seat, a Lockheed C2 seat in this case.





And then this little innocent 'special' bomb. I think this is from Trumpeter's Vigilante kit. 





I won't be using the kit decals, I have Xtradecal set for Netherlands F-104. And as the decal set is lacking all the small markings, I'll be using a set from Armycast.





This is my reference, a Dutch F-104 in 1984, carrying a dummy B43 nuclear bomb. Photo is taken from here: https://nimh-beeldbank.defensie.nl/foto-s/detail/edb2f47b-9a02-85e1-56ea-8b23609cc71e/media/00a62de9-dfb8-db2c-7679-10d4fcab765a



I've made several F-104 in different scales already, here's one of them - a Norwegian CF-104 made from Hasegawa kit:





I like all the Century Series fighters - but it's not hard to pick a favourite, it has to be the F-104 :) 


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Well that completes the full set then!

I have to agree with you about the F-104 being my favourite of the series too, so many marking possibilities.

You have a good amount of aftermarket again, and I have no doubt this will turn out just as good as your Norwegian one.



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Still kinda bummed that I underachieved in a GB that is my probably most favourite modelling theme.


But no matter, I shall finish these just behind schedule 🙂


Next up, Zipper!




Well it seems I am missing few steps in between, somebody has been lazy taking photos 😁 Dutch Zipper is all painted up and I am just finishing several days worth of work - over 170 individual decals! :o The big decals are from Xtradecal and all the small maintenance and warning labels from an Armycast decal sheet. That is excellent sheet BTW! All the bigger warning labels around the cockpit for different nationality F-104's and they are in a good size too - not too big as with many kit decals.  Too bad it seems to be out of print. https://www.armycast.cz/gb/148-decal-sets/152-ftf-104g-stencils.html







'Special' bomb also required some surgery. The tail is not an 'X' when mounted on a Starfighter, but rather upside down 'T'. I guess it needed more clearance so it wouldn't scratch the runway...


I'll let the decals settle down and start working on the smaller bits now. 





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