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WW2 carrier flight deck construction

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Hey guys,

I’d like to get my hands on a WW2 carrier flight deck, or contract one from scratch. 
I’m thinking of starting  with the Akagi. 
I’ve seen plenty of flat prints/vinyls that can be used as base, but I like my bases to have genuine texture. I’ve not find any real wood decks for scale 1/72, 1/48, or 1/32 soo far.  So if someone knows of something, I’d love to hear. 

if I need to build from scratch, can someone tell me what the board sizes were on the Akagi deck?

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I'll follow this one! (hoping to maybe get info about board sizes for the Hiryu deck - just got me an A6M kit) 

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Hopefully these should get you pointed in the right direction.


An overall view of Akagi







An overall view of Hiryu







An amazing cutaway drawing of Akagi





A view of Akagi's deck





A view of Akagi (in the distance) and Kaga (in the middle) from the deck of Zuikaku




Clearly the Japanise liked to use some pretty thin stuff to build the wooden parts of the deck. On the deck view of Akagi you can see that the boards are about as wide as the shoes of the guys walking on it.

Length probably differs quite a bit depending on location and they seem to be pretty randomly staggered if you look at the Akagi's deck closely, there seem to be splits all over the place.

And from what we can see from these two deck views and as i kinda figured, id say the deck boards are probably pretty similar in all Japanise WWII carriers.

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On 5/31/2022 at 3:23 PM, Cyberduck said:

Eduard did some plastic flight deck panels in the 1990s. Not sure if they did a Japanese one though

They did, I have a few painted up.  I will post a few images.

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18 hours ago, Scooby said:

They did, I have a few painted up.  I will post a few images.

Oooh, please do! ✊😀✊

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Hello @Baron Vaderham

Sweet Aviation produced an IJN carrier deck section, with lift, in 1:144 scale.  I think I still have one tucked away somewhere.  If I find it then I'll send it up to you, so that you can measure and re-scale it to your requirements.  Send me a pm with your details.



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