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Welcome and Rules.

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First off I would like to welcome you to the Century Series GB and if you are building a model for the GB I would like to thank you for taking part on behalf of our host Paul ( @Dansk ) and myself and we hope that you have a good time and possibly even learn a thing or two about what has to be one of the most important series of military aircraft ever produced and witnessed big leaps forward in terms of aircraft designing and their performance.


The rules for this GB are quite simple;


Any aircraft from the Century Series is eligible, that is the F-100, F-101, F-102, F-104, F-105, F-106 and F-107.

Any operators of said aircraft whether they bought them new or got second hand ones supplied, this includes any civilian operated machines and those flown by NASA.

No WHIF's please, there's more than enough scope already in the GB.

Any scale of model is allowed so your model can be as big or as small as you like.

No buying or selling in the GB, there is a dedicated section of the forum for that.

All kits must not be any more than 25% complete at the start of your build thread, if you are unsure then please ask Paul or myself.

You must keep an updated thread with pictures going, no going from box art to finished model with nothing in between.

Be civil to each other, we all have our own techniques and ideas on what to do but don't go trying to force them on others.

And most importantly HAVE FUN! That is what this is all about after all.


You will notice that the gallery is a bit different for this GB with separate galleries for each of the series and the prototypes so if you could try to remember to post your entry in the appropriate gallery it would be greatly appreciated.


Your host is Paul @Dansk, and I am your co-host Craig @modelling minion, and if you have any questions at all about the subject matter then please contact us.


Thank you and enjoy the GB.





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