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A-1J Skyraider, `Puff the Magic Dragon`, VA-165, USS Intrepid, Tonkin Gulf, 1965

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Howdy Everyone, just finished another Skyraider so I thought you wouldn`t mind too much if I shared a few photo`s


This time a US Navy single seater as I realised I was missing one in the collection after I had a `cull` a while back


Built from Tamiya`s 1/48 A-1H boxing


Finished to represent an A-1J of VA-165, `The Boomers`, US Navy, circa 1965 


As usual, mostly from the box but with a few tweaks.


Decals from Caracal Models set CD48196, Zuni Rocket pods on inboard pylons from ICM`s Bronco kit


Brake pipes, ignition harness and static wicks from bits of wire, dodgy paper seatbelts and a rear view mirror from thick foil


Resisted the temptation to fill every weapon station and gave it a typical load for a Navy RESCAP mission at the time


Hope you enjoy the pic`s, thanks for looking

Cheers Russ


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14 hours ago, CaracalModels said:

Absolutely beautiful ! This must be your second or third Spad with Caracal decals; I hope you enjoyed using them. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks CM, yes done 3 Skyraiders ( Fat Face ones ) plus F-100 and 2 Bronco`s. Never had any problems using them and some great subjects

Cheers Russ

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An impressive model of an impressing aircraft! Cheers Russ.

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What's not to like? Very cool build, really looks the part.

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