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American Civil War Confederate Infantry Set #2 (35024) 1:35


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American Civil War Confederate Infantry Set #2 (35024)

1:35 ICM via Hannants Ltd




The American Civil War was triggered partly by slavery, and the fact that the Northern or Union states had abolished it, while the South or Confederate states wanted to retain the status quo and keep their slaves by seceding from the union.  It started in April 1861 and lasted for four years, at the end of which General Lee signed the surrender almost exactly on the four-year anniversary.  By that time much of the infrastructure of the Southern US was in ruins, although some Confederate soldiers carried on fighting until later that year.  Some four million slaves were released, with their rights established during the following Reconstruction era, although progress is still ongoing.


The Kit

This is the fifth set from ICM depicting the American Civil War in the predominant AFV scale, so that if you have a cross-over of interests, the two types of models won’t look out of place side-by-side in your cabinet.

Union & Confederate Soldiers, a Civil War arms set and a second set of Union fighters, now it is time for a second set of Confederate soldiers.  This set arrives in ICM’s smaller top-opening box with captive inner lid, and inside are three sprues of grey styrene, two of which were previously included in the armament set.




The instructions consist of drawings of each soldier with part numbers in black, and paint codes called out by a letter within a small red box.  This relates to a table under the sprue diagrams over the page, giving colour swatches, colour names, ICM’s own paint codes, plus Revell and Tamiya codes that should enable most modellers to find an equivalent even if they don’t have any of those brands.






This set, like those preceding it, contains parts for four figures of the Confederate army, who generally wore a grey tunic and pants, as opposed to the blue tunics of the Union.  The figures are shown in battle, striking various action poses.  One man is wearing his bedroll diagonally across his chest and is bringing the bayonet of his rifle down over his head in a stabbing motion, another is carrying out a similar action but with his butt-stock, while the third uniformed soldier is running forward with his bayoneted rifle held to the front.  The fourth soldier is not in uniform, but is wearing civilian clothes and is also wearing a bedroll round his torso, defending himself with his rifle braced in both arms across his body.


As always with ICM, the sculpting is excellent, especially the faces, moulding clean, with excellent natural poses and drape of materials.  Parts breakdown is sensible and generally along the seamlines of garments, with separate arms, heads, torso, legs and various types of hats.  Their equivalent of modern-day webbing is also present on the sprues, looking quite ungainly in comparison, as do the massive flint-lock rifles, made even longer by their bayonets. The weapons are on the two smaller sprues, along with pouches, water bottles, mugs, loose bayonets, holstered and loose pistols, swords in and out of scabbards, and even a trumpet for rudimentary battlefield communications.




If you’re interested in the American Civil War, and a lot of people are, these figures are excellent examples of the Confederate side of things, with superb-looking figures that should look even better once suitably painted.


Highly recommended.


Available in the UK from importers H G Hannants Ltd.  Currently out of stock, but there’s a 10% reduction for pre-orders for the next shipment.



Review sample courtesy of


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