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Well dang it. It's probably time-up in the UK already.


I didn't finish, but I got really close. Thanks everyone in this GB for indulging my last minute entry. It really lit a fire under my butt and allowed me to get through 90% of this project in something like one month. A few more evenings and this model will be done. It's the proof that I needed for myself that my models are more fun, and maybe, almost possibly look better, when I don't overthink things and just use time proven techniques.








Tanks all. Look for this in the completed armor models page, sometime soon.

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I'd agree with Ed, one of the best whitewashs I've seen for sometime. I like the matching stowage too.



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Hi SoftScience. Well that looks like one of the best whitewash effects that I've seen. Lots of variation and wear effects. Very nicely done. It really would have made an excellent addition the the Gallery and I'm looking forward to seeing it when it's finished! Very well done. :worthy:

Thank you very much for taking part in this GB.

Kind regards,


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