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New decals are now here!


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We now have our two latest decal sheets in hand! The first is a often-requested reprint of our 1/48 Bf 109G-6 ‘cartoon’ aircraft. These are aircraft of 7./JG 53 operating in Sicily in June 1943. Each bears a unique cartoon personal marking which were created by one of the unit’s ground crew. They refer, one assumes, to pilot nicknames, various events, or “in” jokes. This reprint has a couple of small changes from the original version, incorporating new information that research has yielded over the years.

The other reprinted sheet is 1/48 Special Ops Skyraiders. The original sold out very quickly, and we anticipate this will as well. This sheet also has a small correction based on additional research, plus an extra added scheme.

Available from our website – www.iliad-design.com

48 Cartoon decals.jpg

Skyraider decals.jpg

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