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1 hour ago, John Masters said:

Am I the first to say that your skill level is egg-cellent!  That's no yolk...🤣  How much did you shell out for this kit?  I know, I know...you seem like a real hard-boiled modeller...so sorry...I didn't mean to poach the thread...😉

Ok you win for the most egg centric post ! 

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Job done gang




Made a stand for it with a piece of buckshee wood and an old bicycle wheel spoke.






Edited by Col.
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That's a bracingly good look egg...opps plane Col, well done.......... though I prefer mine a poached. :D


It's great you added stores to her and the base is egg-xactly what it needed to finish her off.....another plucky choice from you Col, an egg-cellent build as usual! :thumbsup:


Thanks for joining with such a fun build, now you can egg-nore all the bad puns.........  :rofl2:

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