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Plunder! 1/16 Tamiya Wehrmacht officer

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This one is a smart Tamiya kit in 1/16 scale. You can’t really go wrong with Tamiya, can you?

I might ditch the decals and paint in the details but this was a quick weekend project.


Calling it plunder as it depicts the looting of artwork by the Nazis. Paintings are from dolls house accessories.


Thanks for looking,

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3 minutes ago, Vince1159 said:

Another fantastic job but if i had to choose a favourite i think it would be the one with the dog,intimidating or what....

Thanks - very kind of you to say.


I’d agree about the dog. I love that dog figure. It’s an excellent sculpt - the detail is probably the best I’ve seen of all the figures I’ve bought. (And my painting came out fairly well).


With Tamiya, you know the moulding is reliable but the poses are just m’eh. They seem too posed and lifeless. But it was a £12 figure so I can’t grumble.

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with that title, I was expecting something like a surrendering Jerry in the area of Wesel... 😂 

Your work is certainly kein Plunder! (rubbish, worthless in german) great idea with the paintings!

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