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[Tractor] 1/72 Voroshilovets

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last time was Russia APC, this time is Soviet Artillery Tractor: Voroshilovets in snow region.





AFV - Voroshilovets Tractor






Working Photos:








Product Photos:


46233866282_740b7fe685_z.jpg     31345285387_f39815e850_z.jpg


44467267980_f085d08eb6_z.jpg     46284084161_d7178eff88_z.jpg




44467268320_4b670dbb5c_z.jpg     31345285997_48056d7cb6_z.jpg


46233867812_be0e67c5fa_z.jpg     46284084711_dd74b30457_z.jpg


46284082941_4f80ea70d0_z.jpg     31345284927_01434691bb_z.jpg




44467270030_d5d45aba53_z.jpg     31345287407_4702a886dd_z.jpg




44467270240_6c28e6f915_z.jpg     31345288197_95e79d91f4_z.jpg




46284077971_0f1df86d7e_z.jpg     31345282587_6ba006dbaa_z.jpg





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thx Milan, Bertie



6 hours ago, Milan Mynar said:

looks like a spring variant, rain-washed winter camouflage



first time use chipping medium to apply second layer of color,

and forgot to apply snow diorama texture paints.


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Interesting paintjob and weathering. I like the rust effects.


Your headlights look a bit like eyes to me which I cannot now unsee.

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thx sardaukar


that is miniatures style for headlight / spot light,

now i changed to use yellow rather than blue.


will be better for coming AFVs.


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