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Did F4U Corsairs Have Puttied Leading Wing Edges?

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Hi All,


I may be totally mis-remembering this, but I seem to recall reading a long time ago that F4U Corsairs had puttied leading wing edges.  


I'd appreciate knowing if this is true, or if I'm mistaken.


And if it is true, did all models from all mfrs have this, or was it limited to certain models and/or factories?


Many thanks for your help



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My understanding is the rivets used from the leading edge of the wing back to the spar (called the "D-Section" were puttied over and sanded flush. Aft of the wing spar not so sure. There was a lot of spot welding in the fuselage, but how much it was used on the wings i don't know. Most stuff written about the wing seems focused on the use of fabric covering on the outer panels.


I think this applied to all versions of Corsair.



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Hi Chris,


Yes, initially they were puttied.  Later testing showed that the new putty increased the speed by several mph.  However, the wing would flex in flight and squeeze the putty out of seams creating ridges instead of smoothness; the expanded putty cost more in speed than the smoothed putty saved and the putty was abandoned altogether.  While I've got the report, I'm not sure where I have the info on deleting the putty, but it certainly happened during WWII.







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