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Help identifying aircraft - photo attached

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Greetings all,


My cousin came across this framed photo at a garage sale.  Can someone identify the aircraft, please? 

My cousin thinks it might be Princess Margaret in the photo.  Can someone confirm or deny, or provide any information about the photograph?




Thanks in advance,

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Does look like Princess Margaret too. You should be able to work out the squadron too by deciphering what's on the Squadron standard.

In fact I think it might be 139 Sqn. Anyone?

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Posted (edited)

As above, yes it's a Victor, more specifically its a Victor B.Mk.2R, the variant which carried Blue Steel. This would place the photo some time in the 1960s, based on the soft edge and glossy camouflage pattern it is likely fairly early after the introduction of camouflage so mid 60s. As only 21 Victors were converted to B2R standard it may be possible to identify this one on individual camouflage pattern variation 

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1 hour ago, SouthViper said:

About sixty airmem , were all pilots, navigators, nuke  specialists ?


SouthViper from Brazil 

Twelve crews: sounds about right.

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