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DH Heron Jersey Airlines

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Clear sheets duly arrived, printing and sealing has taken place and I've had a go 😎






Further to the point raised @rossmregards appearance on different surfaces, I'm looking at what's on the wing and what's on the white fuselage. I think the stuff on the metal foil may have a little bit of metallic look, and I guess the reflectivity of the metal can shine through the decal. A white base would prevent this, but then the whole lettering thing on the metal would be a wash-out. 

A double layer might help with density, but for now I'm OK with the appearance. I'm just pleased that the transfer technology works and the carrier film is all but invisible. 

Letter spacings and font styles, kerning, arched text over doorways etc are techniques and skills to be learnt at some point. 😇

Edited by rob Lyttle
Tidy up text shambles
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A nice result from here Rob!


I was wondering last night whether your printer's page feed would be accurate enough to 'double print' on the same sheet to increase the ink density, possibly helping prevent the darkening that was suggested and the metallic look you saw.


Anyway, it looks like you cracked it well. Ray

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5 hours ago, Ray S said:

printer's page feed would be accurate enough to 'double print' on the same sheet

Thanks for the feedback, Ray. No, printers just aren't that good with accuracy, are they? 

I was thinking along the lines of printing the items twice on the sheet and applying a 2nd text decal on top of the 1st when it's set. Might work if it's done tidy... 

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  • 1 month later...

Just a quick update to finish the Heron on here. I've been playing away in the civil vehicles area having some fun with a Shelby Cobra. 

But some final details have been happening with this build, and she's even been off to our annual show tables. 

So the plane itself was pretty well finished. The props were sprayed with my best aerosol can of metal. 

And I sorted a few figures around the passenger door.... 


A couple of holiday makers from some railway figures, and the kit stewardess and 2 pilot or steward types, meeting and greeting. 

A ground crew guy and pilot around the front too.... 


I gave the mdf board a concrete surface with a mix of cement powder and a latex based building product called SBR. Marvellous stuff in real world applications. Here it has dried perhaps a little bit darker than I expected. Maybe some paint lining or markings would be a good finishing touch. 

I'm pleased I got the heads up early and went for the polished metal look 


On the rear cargo hatch is my effort to create the Royal Mail logo with excerpts from the original Airfix sheet copy onto the WHITE decal paper. The Crown bit in the middle will be taken from the print onto the CLEAR paper. 

Thought I'd try it before giving up on the idea. 

I can't complain about the self-print decals and I think I'll be using the method again in making civil options. 


So I'm basically done on the Heron 😎

The Havoc is awaiting my attention for the final touches, and there's not much to do on that one either 

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That is fabulous @rob Lyttle, the bare metal finishes it off very nicely.


You gave me guidance and some links about the application of the metal the other week, I will just let you know that I popped into B+Q the other day and now have some aluminium tape and am looking for an aircraft I can try it on, without too many compound curves! Thank you so much for that help, it is very much appreciated.


All the best,



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11 hours ago, bzn20 said:

that decal work paid off .

Gives me a bit of confidence to try my luck with other civil projects 😉

Good luck with the try out, @Ray S. Maybe a single engine jet like an F86 Sabre or something like that?? There's always curves somewhere 😎 The thing is, do trials with a kit you don't really care about, rather than a favourite project.

You may find yourself hanging around girls accessories shops and beauty products.... A useful selection of various nail buffing and manicure boards and pads is ideal. Girls don't really go by grit numbers, you're looking for terms like "buff, polish, smooth" etc 


And they improve with use, and getting clogged up. The 2nd from the left is great for polishing transparencies too. 👍

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