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A stop in the desert

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Hello everyone,


after moving, settling in and working on the smaller things in the house (still not finished), I found some time to get on with my 2nd beloved desert Chevy, and set up a diorama (no foliage, thank goodness :D ) -I hope you like it.








that board actually existed, and Tutira III was parked next to it on a well-known photo.


that gunner wears a german sidecap...




when in doubt, brew-up.


those wheels will not split within the next few years btw -I copied them into resin.


that corner needed a little something... so I decided to place another bloke there, getting ready for his undercover mission.


The frame was filled with an old formed part of plaster, and new one. Those rocks were glued on, partly to hide some air bubbles in the plaster -and painted. The Lads are of course Masterbox' lot, Tamiya's driver (and parts of their gunner) and one ANZAC from ICMs WWI set. (ta for the hat and some equipment. Oh yes, equipment was, like in real life, a mix of assigned, scrounged and rebuilt stuff. One covered wheel is originally from a Humvee, and I built that Vickers gun myself out of a surplus M2 .50 cal. Jerry cans were included, those big flimsies too. Two per truck, won't last very long -so more resin ones had to be made. The rebuild of Tutira III into a NON-radio truck went surprisingly fast, with lots of blister packaging. Oh, almost forgot the disguised man -he was originally french, from Heller's Kufra set.

As said before, I hope you had fun, any comments are welcome! (I have read much online, but there's still a lot to know about the LRDG)


Greetings, Johnny Tip


PS if better suited in the AV section, please reassign at will!

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I think this is really good. I like the way that almost all of the figures are interacting with each other. That encourages me to build little storylines for each of them. It's interesting to see the variation you have made between the two trucks too. Mose effective.

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Thank you both @Bertie Psmith and @Pete Robin! It took lots of placing trials, and decisions to leave out a jeep and more folks... (in fact, I had another base planned. and built.) My main thought was to NOT have them dig their truck out of the sand. 

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