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1970's Carrier Experiance

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Hi all,


Following on from my current Royal Navy theme spanning from the 1960's to present day Fleet Air Arm, here's a few of my latest builds from early April and May.


First up is Italeri's 1/72 Westland Wessex HAS.3 kit, built as a HAS.1 as best as reasonably possible. The HAS.1 nose intake was created using some Eduard mesh and flipping the HAS.3 intake cover upside down within the nose. It's basic, but creates a more realistic rendition. The kit uses Modeldecals decals from sheet 99 and represents XS887 from HMS Heron flight, Yeovilton. The eagle eyed among you will note that this frame never war the number 266, but sadly this is all I had available at the time of build.






Second is the lovely Airfix 1/72 Buccaneer S2.C, built from the box with the except of an Eduard wheel set, Quickboost Air Intake covers and a set of photo etch steps I think from Brengun?






Last up is the Trumpeter 1/72 Fairey Gannet AS MK1/4 - not my best kit and despite filling the nose with some serious weight, she is still a tail sitter. I also had a few issues with the decals, general fit of the canopy and some of the weathering stuck to the uncured gloss coat a little too much, but the end result is good enough.




None of the builds are 100% accurate, they're also missing some aerials and bits from where the carpet monster came alive during the builds.


Anyway, many thanks for looking and onto the next build!

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They are all amazingly good, but as an old Wessex hand I really can appreciate the helicopter. The painting of the blades is great with the pockets shaded like that. Almost everything looks just right but as an electrician I've got to pull you up for not having the pitot cover fitted! 😉


Seriously, excellent work all the way and the best trio of 1/72 aircraft I've seen in ages!

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A very nice and busy deck. I vote for the Wessex. I admit I have a fondness for SAR helicopters, even when there is a good looking Gannet or Buc nearby.

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25 minutes ago, BleedingBlue said:

Great looking trio.  Are you planning to add the F-4?


Many thanks for your kind words.


F-4, Sea Vixen and Wessex HAS.3 all completed previously. The F-4 is the Italeri (ex ESCI) tooling and not my best kit - I had issues with the gloss coat, the decals are also quite oversized!


An early Whirldwind is up next..












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