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Airfix 1/72 Tempest - Stupid question

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I'm just checking but to build a so called "Series 2" Tempest V from the new Airfix kit I just need to leave off the cannon barrels, correct? 


I mean I can add the wing tanks if I want to but there's nothing else required is there? I can't see the fishplates on the tail and the bump on the wing root on the first 50 a/c isn't there so. Just leave off the cannon barrels?


Thanks for any advice



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According to the 4+ Tempest publication with the fitting of the one piece casting of the rear spar pick up assembly the bulges disappeared but it necessitated two small blisters under the rear pick up joints in the lower fuselage. Can't say I can see them on any of the plans I have or how noticeable they would be in 72nd scale so may not be worth worrying about, assuming they are not already there of course.




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